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Pack It Up Travel Tips – by Anne McAlpin

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  1. Elaine Sklom Reply
  2. fireworks778 Reply

    yeah .. that comfort kit :p

  3. Tamara Laird Reply

    thanks really helped!

  4. exoticdarkone Reply

    Some genius ideas…thanks!

  5. Anita McCants Reply

    Very helpful tips!

  6. PurdyBear1 Reply

    Thanks for this video. Iv been trying to remember Anne’s name for ages. I
    saw the original Oprah piece on packing for a month in a carry on and have
    successfully used the system. Now I know Anne’s name I can go have a look
    at some more of her information.

  7. Annie's Travels Reply

    Where can I find that blanket??

  8. SugarLustyKiss Reply

    i am going to travel on train…where you bought those suitcases?!?!?!

  9. travelwafa96 Reply

    wow this is really helped me! 😀

  10. travelerswish Reply

    Packing board. Great Idea. Thanks.

  11. exploreryen Reply

    thanks, I learn something today. good tips.

  12. kiran shrestha Reply

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    This may allow you to spend less on your future vacation also.

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