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Packing Tips for Cruises

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  1. Lane Johanson

    That’s a great tip!
    We are heading off on a boat next summer round Alaska and I might just look
    out for shoe organiser
    Thank u!

  2. Craig Larsen

    Royal Caribbean has now banned extension cords. They say cords are fire

  3. John Bostwick

    Quick Tips : Arrive a day before / Take Alarm Clock
    Take 2 IDs, Drivers license & Passport / Cash for Tipping
    Water Flavors/ Swimsuit / Snorkel / Sun Lotion
    For More Tips: Search Google for *Cruise Ship Secrets by Nathan Max*

  4. Kevin Cefalu-McNamara

    Just a note…. Doors are ALWAYS square weather your on a cruise or not…..

  5. Travel With Lynna

    Yes, it does close all the way.

  6. 4MyOlivia

    Thanks for the reply! I just went and bought this!

  7. Peter Sarvin

    Here’s 5 Tips – Before Going on a Cruise Ship: 1. Plan to arrive the day
    before, don’t miss your ship! 2. Take 2 forms of ID, Drivers license on/off
    the ship; Keep Passport in the room 3. Take a watch and set it to Ship
    time; your cellphone may not work 4. Book independent shore excursion;
    cheaper and better quality 5. Use the room service often; ie breakfast
    before getting dressed – For 100 more tips like these simply go to this
    website: Cruise-Ship-Secrets.com

  8. BlueLovesZebras

    I went on the Oasis Too!

  9. 4MyOlivia

    Does the bathroom door close all the way?