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Packing Tips for Cruises

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  1. Lane Johanson Reply

    That’s a great tip!
    We are heading off on a boat next summer round Alaska and I might just look
    out for shoe organiser
    Thank u!

  2. Craig Larsen Reply

    Royal Caribbean has now banned extension cords. They say cords are fire

  3. John Bostwick Reply

    Quick Tips : Arrive a day before / Take Alarm Clock
    Take 2 IDs, Drivers license & Passport / Cash for Tipping
    Water Flavors/ Swimsuit / Snorkel / Sun Lotion
    For More Tips: Search Google for *Cruise Ship Secrets by Nathan Max*

  4. Kevin Cefalu-McNamara Reply

    Just a note…. Doors are ALWAYS square weather your on a cruise or not…..

  5. Travel With Lynna Reply

    Yes, it does close all the way.

  6. 4MyOlivia Reply

    Thanks for the reply! I just went and bought this!

  7. Peter Sarvin Reply

    Here’s 5 Tips – Before Going on a Cruise Ship: 1. Plan to arrive the day
    before, don’t miss your ship! 2. Take 2 forms of ID, Drivers license on/off
    the ship; Keep Passport in the room 3. Take a watch and set it to Ship
    time; your cellphone may not work 4. Book independent shore excursion;
    cheaper and better quality 5. Use the room service often; ie breakfast
    before getting dressed – For 100 more tips like these simply go to this
    website: Cruise-Ship-Secrets.com

  8. BlueLovesZebras Reply

    I went on the Oasis Too!

  9. 4MyOlivia Reply

    Does the bathroom door close all the way?

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