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Portland Oregon Travel Tips and Sites – Things to See in Portland Oregon

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  1. Ian Ryan

    that damn music made me want to punch my cock 

  2. VideoWarrior

    Too many pan shots

  3. John C

    If I didn’t know better, I’d say Portland looks incredibly boring!

  4. MikeMuk1

    I recognise the cloudy, grey overcast skies above the city not because I’ve
    ever visited Portland but because I’m a Brit and the UK is situated along
    the same geographical latitude as the Pacific NW on the western edge of a
    large continent, facing the prevailing winds. As Jerry Lee Lewis and Tom
    Jones sang… …’The old home town looks the same. Still p***ing down
    with rain’… 

  5. Violonczela Green

    Portland is beautifull town. I love.. ;)

  6. brendan cotton

    +NerdyAndiNoit I see what you did there

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