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Product Review: Locks, Storage, and Hygiene

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  1. Quarty

    Those toiletry sheets seem awesome! My husband and I are doing carry-on
    only for our Europe trip. I refuse to check a bag for my backpacking trip.
    One I want to carry light and two I don’t want the airline to lose my bag.
    My bag got lost before, luckily it was on my way home from Costa Rica and
    not to, but it was still 3 weeks before I got my bag back. I’m not going to
    Europe and ending up losing my stuff.

  2. Steven K

    I would not be prepared for my Europe/Africa trip next week if it wasn’t
    for SoniaGil.com- THANK YOU! 

  3. genjii931

    There is a *great* shaving solution called ‘Shave Secret’ – it’s an oil,
    and it’s pretty amazing, and only requires a few drops. It comes in a very
    small bottle (smaller than the solution you showed).

  4. ExploreList

    That lock looks perfect for my travels. Just subscribed to your channel
    Sonia, I suspect you are going to be VERY helpful for my travel planning.
    I’m going on an RTW trip early 2015 after quitting my job of 24 years. 

  5. A. Olaer

    I gotta get some of these for my Key West travel in few Months.

  6. KatesPlaceDIY

    Ohhhhh……those little laundry soap things would be great for camping!!
    We usually don’t do laundry while camping, but we got heavily rained on
    one year and it soaked our sleeping bags and everything else in our tent.
    We had to go buy laundry soap to do a few loads. Those would of been VERY

  7. Plabanee Roy

    Hey Sonia!! love your channel.. amazing tips!! But sadly I cant find most
    of the products here in India!!

  8. theresa z

    I just went to the Lewis N Clarke website and purchased a few items, that
    lock for one, the safe for two and the Credit card sleeve. Thanks a lot.

  9. Elle A

    I never bring shampoo, you can always get us there. I do bring conditioner
    though as it essential, and on the go, you can always wash your hair with
    it after a day at the sea. I bring body wash which doubles as laundry soap,
    I only bring natural types with no harmful ingrds. This way you and your
    clothes are fresh clean and safe too. A really good conditioner can also be
    used as a shaving creme. I wax but my underarm folicles grow slow, so just
    to keep them smooth, smooth on conditioner, shave and beach ready. I may
    try that laundry soap though, looks handy enough to carry. Conditioner also
    works well as a styling product, a dab will help keep your do in shape. 

  10. Meriam MCA


  11. imQUEEN01

    That lock would be awesome!! I’ve seen YouTube videos that thieves use a
    pen to stab the zipper of your luggage to get into it, and then they just
    take the zippers and run it back and forth to close it again (so it looks
    as if it wasn’t tampered with).. But with the way you showed the lock going
    onto the two different zippers, they’d be no way for the thief to be able
    to fix their mistake 😉 thank you!!

  12. Gracefilled5

    Thanks for the video, I really like your videos. Do you carry a purse/
    handbag while traveling and what do you keep in it ( in contrast to what
    you keep in your carry on)? Have you already done a video on what you keep
    in your purse when going on a flight? 😀
    Please let me know, I’d love to watch it.

  13. The Urban Gentry

    this is great! Nice one Sonia.
    Best regards from NYC!

  14. Nicole Gaitan

    Since you mentioned hostels and have previously, could you do a video on
    what to look for when searching for hostels as well as how to keep your
    items safe.
    Thanks and lots of love from San Diego, CA!

  15. keniammelo

    I’m a flight attendant and was tired of liquids spilling in my suitcase. I
    recently bought some of those Humangear Gotoobs and they’re really amazing.

  16. moviesxmusicxlove

    Studying abroad in a few years, these videos make me excited! Thank you!

  17. Fred Stephenson

    Thanks for the travel tips and for the smiles Sonia! … :-)

  18. Bernadette Smith

    Thanks! Love your tips. I picked up the flashlight external charger.

  19. Cassidy S

    Not only do I LOVE your videos, but I love that you actually reply to
    comments! Not many YouTubers do that, and I seriously appreciate that.

  20. Iva S

    could you make a weekend / overnight travel bags review please:)

  21. poppy rushing

    Im a travel/packing video junkie and yours are the Greatest!

  22. Matthew Beam

    Real men don’t need shaving cream.

  23. Lucille Salzer

    I use all those plastic travel cases and Love Em!!!! Those locks look great


    again an awsome video… love from India !

  25. #MinaOurIdol

    I’m from saudi arabia, and i like your videos , im going to Turkey next
    week and I watched all your videos and take advantage of them, you are
    amazing . Thank you =”shokran” in arabic ^_^