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Quantum of the Seas Cruise Ship Video Tour – Cruise Fever

Take a video tour of Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas. This new cruise ship has features never before seen at sea like robot bartenders, a sky diving simulator, the North Star, and the amazing Two70 Lounge.
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  1. Riza Estrella

    wow awesome video! thank you

  2. popacap21

    the bionic bar is cool… how does it work, do you order your selection from a tablet, or does a RC employee do the button mashing for you?

  3. fmm10970

    cool video

  4. Mr. Bugi

    It's big for humanity, but still nothing for nature and ocean.. ;)

  5. Pame krouaziera

    Α remarkable video tour!

  6. Maelalaine Dean

    Holy sheet! I could chill in the infinity pools at the solarium all day!

  7. LmancoolJ

    So just to get it straight I'm 20, I can't drink on the ship? Or purchase alcohol in port for the ship?

  8. Sarah

    thx.. looks good

  9. shakMan Aldebaram

    IS A GREAT PLAYER of the cruise

  10. Markus around the World

    Nice Ship, nice Video! Thanks for sharing.

  11. juki0h

    they should use the viewing tower for bungie jumps into the ocean instead, that would be more fun and thrilling in my opinion then some viewing platform

  12. Sam Wang

    nice ship

  13. Capt Eric “WeBeYachting” Bergeron

    Great video and the editing is awesome.

  14. pinkpoo007

    These ships are two big! You must have filmed very early. I love cruising.but getting away from crowds not taking them with me is a big point

  15. Xavier Fernandes

    the crew r having a hard time.

  16. John Bennett

    Four days!!!!

  17. Tuva Waage

    Is THIS the chip Harmony of the seas?

  18. Pikachu #FuckingYourBitch Booty Butt Cheeks

    This looks better than the carnival glory ship I was on last February. smh it was a nightmare, I hoped on the ship to nothing but old and heavy set white ladys…..

  19. Dana

    where are all of the people??

  20. Dana

    i would make that bionic bar my bitch and get so wasted hahah