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Rick Steves’ Lectures : Travel Skills

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  1. jack the slug

    im only 15 and watched this whole video and found it very helpful 

  2. redcomusic

    Grocery-shopping and eating it in your hotel room is both inexpensive and
    immerses you into the local scene.

  3. ExchangeZones

    Learn practical tips for planning your trip, getting around, finding
    accommodations, staying safe, and more! https://youtu.be/LNSYlYn6i5Q

  4. Tim Young

    Just toured 11 countries in Europe and Rick was a big help in planning and
    education for my trip. He knows what he’s talking about!

  5. Elizabeth Chavez

    I got the travel bug making me itch. Man I’m ready to go elsewhere. 

  6. Student Works LTD

    Thank you 

  7. Marjorie Nicholson

    I love the lectures that this man gives….SMART, FUNNY AND

  8. 1joshjosh1

    Most of the old folk in the crowd will never do what Rick is telling them
    to do, they are to scared. Thank god, keep them and the giant buses they
    come on away from me!!!

  9. Margaret Chase

    Oh I loved getting lost in Rome. I have a travelogue that I wrote about it.
    I did weep at the Sistine Chapel. I had been reading about it all my life,
    and to actually be there, I was so overwhelmed. I got lost in Paris too.
    What fun!

  10. JenJourneys

    this is a very helpful resource for people who have not done a lot of
    travelling so far, thanks for sharing your insights and experiences

  11. RSUN2012

    1:04:34 – 1:05:07 😀 so true… Although, I suspect everything he stated is
    true, and it was enjoyable in learning how to travel intelligently.

    Thank you Rick Steves.

  12. Peppi Turco

    See Viki, there are ways to go and experience the real people and culture
    and not pay through the nose in the over-run “touristie” regulars. – Peppi
    Turco Travel & Live part time in Italy, France, Where ever.

  13. vinterrusk

    Swedish: Centralsjukhus, sjuka is the plural adjective for sick/ill

  14. Kristen Sarah

    Great lecture Steve! Would love if you would check out my travel videos. I
    have been blogging and making videos for 3 years now and have been to over
    25 countries.

  15. Tiny Beckman

    I love watching your shows Rick. Thank you

  16. tenbulls0

    CS has ways of making sure that hosts are legit. Stay with a host that has
    hosted a lot of people and are “verified.” Look for their references and
    testimonials on their pages. I’ve done it and it was great!

  17. AceTracer

    I’ve read Europe Through the Backdoor and five of Rick’s guidebooks
    (including Best of Europe, Best of Eastern Europe, and several country and
    city guides), and I still learned something new. Rick Steves is my homeboy,
    I never could’ve done my 95-day 50-city tour without him.

  18. philadelphiatourism

    Awesome! Thank you for uploading this. It’s exactly what I needed.

  19. poppylv21

    Best tip you gave: stay in small (family, though not always) hotels/B&Bs
    and eat in smaller restaurants that are usually a few streets away from the
    tourist hotspots. Spot on! I’m European but that’s what I do when I travel
    in Europe as well. Best way to meet locals and get the real feel of a
    place. And Europeans in general don’t hate Americans at all. But it helps
    if you keep a low profile, don’t be too loud and overly patriotic. Just
    enjoy, keep an open mind, be respectful and you’ll be fine.

  20. Jeff J. Havens


  21. RedroomStudios

    the thing I am enjoying just as much as all the advice is Rick`s humor in
    these lectures! that is something that I dont think comes across as much in
    the individual travel episodes. it`s made these lectures very entertaining
    to watch as well as informative. I think my own intuition about travelling
    is to get off the beaten track and avoid the crowds whenever possible. I
    have almost no interest in seeing the tackier tourist `must sees` that
    inevitably make you feel like a herd of cattle!

  22. martinolsenh

    Hey Rick! at 43:39 their is an error, the sign is from Sweden not Denmark…

  23. Brad Gudim

    Love the story about the Cheese Shop!!!

  24. Flux Liner

    Thanks for the information, Steve!

  25. ALABAMA vegan

    my ‘philosophy’ of traveling too Rick.. the most memorable experience i had
    in Italy was heading out of Rome (on foot) trying to find marble statues i
    had seen in an art book. i wanted to take my own pictures. had no idea
    where i was going exactly, but knew to go North along the river. i was
    forced to converse with Italians even though i speak no Italian! i would
    show them a picture and ask them where it was.. ‘200 meters!’ they would
    say as they pointed. it was a wonderful experience!