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Sailing in 2018, Meet Carnival Cruise Line’s Newest Ship

Sailing in 2018, Meet Carnival Cruise Line's Newest Ship

For a closer look into Carnival’s Horizon, visit https://www.carnival.com/cruise-ships/carnival-horizon and subscribe for the latest updates across the fleet.

Carnival’s second Vista-class ship is scheduled to set sail early 2018 – and it’s upping its game. The new 133,500-ton vessel will offer the spectacular features delighting guests today — from SkyRide to Havana Bar to IMAX — with further evolutions of Carnival Vista’s dynamic spaces and signature ocean views.
We’re calling her Carnival Horizon – and we’re already getting to work crafting the best outdoor spaces and vibrant attractions you won’t find anywhere else. You can count on discovering more chances to soak up the sights — and the sun — while embarking on new adventures by sea.

The 3,934-passenger vessel is currently under construction at Fincantieri’s shipyard in Italy and is scheduled to make her maiden voyage in the Mediterranean in early 2018.

Look to Carnival Horizon for a fresh perspective on how much further we can take vacation.


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  1. Carol Grigsby

    will sell anytime nice ship and great food.

  2. Sonia Venema

    Sail out of where?

  3. Nathan fazbeargoldenfreddy1 Williamson

    I think this will be better than the vista I only went on carnival miracle and carnival inspiration

  4. Lameka Harris

    hello everyone unfortunately I can't serve on Facebook any more but this a challenge that have made in the near future to have fun and never doubt about any of the miss fortunes that I have and have to come thanks and be well.

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    Your the best carnival

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    Just asom

  7. slaine29

    Just got back off the vista, sad its going to USA but now excited we are going to have nother carnival in 2018 in the med, when can i book ???

  8. legendary lachlan

    looks like vista

  9. Aleiya Grace

    ill be on carnivAL fastination for aug7-aug14 for the carribean

  10. Janaina Rocha

    that's 2 years away

  11. Smile

    When you don't have any money ????

  12. Carnivalcruiser71

    Lol make another vista class one called the Wonder it's a great name

  13. Jay Patrick

    There should be a way to live on a Carnival cruise ship without working for them.

  14. norcalemt02

    dang I thought they were going to name the next ship Walmart of the Seas.

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    So far away!

  18. Hacker Of games

    are they going to do a BTS CARNIVAL HORZION… Like if you agree

  19. Hacker Of games

    Can't wait to sail on it!!!!!!!!!!!