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School Bag Backpacks and Your Safety

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When you are selecting a backpack for yourself or your child it is highly recommended that you chose one that is the right size. A backpack that is oversized may carry all the things that you feel that they should but can cause you to have health problems. You are not a pack mule nor is your child. You can only carry so much weight before you find that you are having back problems, aching shoulders or perhaps severe headaches.

The backpack manufacturers suggest that you do not get a backpack that is larger than the person who is carrying it and stuff it completely full. You may need to only carry part of the items you need at a time and go back to your locker or vehicle to pick up other items as you need them later in the day. A backpack should only come down as far as your waist line not below nor should it exceed high above your head. Make sure that your backpack only goes to your shoulders. You should hold the backpack with your hands after you have filled it with the necessary items to check the weight making sure it is not too heavy for your back. If you find that you need to bend over or it is too much for you to hold then you should remove some of the items. Make yourself comfortable as you will be carrying your backpack all day long.

Protect yourself from future back, shoulder, and neck problems by keeping your backpack at a safe weight to carry. You need not try to overload and please do not ever try to carry more than one backpack at a time. You can carry an extra book or two in your hands or perhaps a side carrier with some clothes in your hands if they are not exceedingly heavy but never carry a large amount in your hands and on your back. Backpack safety is for your health now and in the future.

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