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Serbian Travel Tips….. Reading a Bus Ticket

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  1. Председник СРЈ Слободан Милошевић командант ВЈ

    Peron – Waiting Platform. 

  2. Sava Logyra

    I believe most of the world uses DD/MM/YYYY format 😀
    Nice explanation btw. Im really impressed with your serbian improvement 🙂
    The only thing left for you is to love pasteta and you can call yourself a
    serb ^_^

  3. TVBalkan

    Well of course people at the bus station are rude and don’t speak English.
    The “BAS” station is a state owned company, what did you expect? 🙂

    “Peron” is something like “platform” on train stations. “Kola” means “car”
    or “vehicle” in this context. Sometimes when it’s really busy at the
    station buses that are just passing through stop behind the bus that is
    already standing at the platform, unload/load passengers and move on. If it
    says “kola 2” that means you should wait for the bus that will stop behind
    the first one so you don’t get confused. If the number is 1 just wait at
    the platform.

  4. Charles Cather

    how to understand your us ticket in Serbia….

  5. x3m slayer

    Hi Charles, did you know that Beograd literally translates to White City 🙂
    Just some trivia you may or may not know already.

  6. Hombre Piedra

    Vrati se tamo odakle si došao pičko američka. Gde su sada patrioti kad
    dozvoljavaju da nam ova govna šetaju zemljom.

  7. Shice Squad

    Good tip – bus stations and tickets can be tricky. It was the only
    confusion I had the first time I was there. But then I started learning the
    language. However, Cyrillic is not hard to learn even if you don’t know the
    My tip: find a map on the internet in Serbian Cyrillic and start looking
    for familiar cities with the same names. Once you start comparing them,
    “Berlin” = “Берлин” for example, you will start to figure out the letters
    automatically. Learning by doing! But many famous cities have radically
    different names, too (Vienna = Беч) so watch out for those :)))

  8. Nemanja Đukić

    uzlugaaaaa ahahahahahhahahah :D

  9. JerseyShore120

    U Americi se govori Engleski a u Srbiji srpski . Treba da naucis cirilicu
    burazeru njom pise 3000 000 miliona ljudi.

  10. Florens 021

    Jel misliš da treba da piše i na engleskom možda? Hajde to reci Grcima,
    Kinezima, Francuzima, koji su svi odreda mnogo jače turističke destinacije
    od Srbije! Nego, kompleksi su čudo!

  11. Marko Kocic

    ‘kola 1’ su oznaka autobusa. Prevoznik koristi tu oznaku jer nekad
    prevoznik organizuje vise vozila za istu relaciju u isto vreme. Recimo kad
    su neka desavanja, Exit, Guca ili druga masovna desavanja prevoznik posalje
    2,3 ili vise vozila u isto vreme i tada na busevima stoji oznaka ‘kola
    1,2…’ i na karti vam pise za koja kola je karta.

  12. MadProductionsink

    Cyrillic is our national historical writing, It saddens me to see less of
    it being used around Serbia in favor of Latin, it is less written by kids
    in school teachers don’t care, in shops, restaurants, on TV. The only
    consistent user is the government and the church. If you go to Bulgaria,
    Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, FYROM… everyone is treasuring their heritage
    the Cyrillic, it’s everywhere on TV, internet, buses, but here in Serbia as
    always we don’t treasure what we have :((((

  13. Dimi REAL

    Wow you said Sediste (Seat) like a true Serbian, nice improvement Charles!

  14. BalkanTech

    And you better have a ticket, or be prepared to meet the new Serbian SWAT
    team :)

  15. dr Majkrosoft

    OMFG 0 MISTAKES!!! 😀
    Except for the “Daytum” (Datum/Date), that part made me laugh, sorry 😀
    Anyways, nice job Charles, excellent reading of Cyrillic :D

  16. Srdjan Glusac

    haha very true most of the time they are rude and they are not smiling

  17. Marko Hrastinski

    Well,well someone learned quite a lot of Serbian lang.My nigga :).

  18. life is a song

    Koлa – 1. That is important, sometimes can be 2 or 3 or more.
    When you travel somewhere it happens that more travelers bought tickets for
    saim bus, so they send more buses. 200 people bought tickets, 54 is in
    first bus, 54 in secend and so on. So this number 1 says are you in first
    bus, 2 in secend …or someother. It’s not complicated, because every bus
    has number next to bord that shows destination.

  19. Vlada Stojanovic

    What KOLA means: It means a number of each bus if it is a crowd on that
    direction and need for one or more buses. Kola means BUS on this ticket. 

  20. sbest389

    Kola is car

  21. predrag manov

    Greetings Mr. Cather.Just wanted to make couple of comments regarding your
    statement about the employes at the Belgrade bus station. You have every
    right to call them rude. It is a state owned company (the bus station) and
    they are all state employees so that’s why they don’t care about being
    polite or about the state of Serbian economy or anything else. It’s all
    covered up with money and those people can never be fired from their jobs.
    Still it’s a big improvement today, because 20-30 years ago it used to be
    like that everywhere, in restaurants, shops, tourist agencies, name it.. At
    the time I personally had a few crazy situations and altercations with
    them, including swearing, death threats etc :). I’ll just refer you to my
    own experience from 6 years ago. I had some Canadian friends of mine
    visiting here and we were having a coffee at one of the restaurant cafe’s
    on the BG bus station. One of my friends wanted a glass of water so she got
    up from the table to ask the waitress for it. A minute later she wanted to
    order something else (of course, like everyone else in North America or
    elsewhere she worked as a waitress at some point in her life, so she knows
    how hard people work there to earn their tips etc.) What the bus stop
    waitress did shocked her ; She just aggressively slapped her hands ( as
    like punching her in the face 🙂 and angrily pointed a finger at her and
    yelled: “Ekskyuz mi, culd you sit down please!!” She never dared to ask her
    any more questions after that :)

  22. Martin mitrov

    Love your Serbian 😀 I am impressed !

  23. lazar lukic

    Kola is Car – 1

  24. Tvrdi Djoka

    WoW extra si pozdrav