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Silicone Baby TIPS FOR VACATION OR TRAVEL WITH REBORN BABY DOLLS! Newborn baby dolls real life baby!

Full body silicone baby Wynter is my silicone baby doll who is full of surprises. Here is how I pack her for vacation and some tips on traveling or going on airplane with your silicone baby doll or reborn baby doll. I love reborn baby dolls!
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About my silicone babies:
Wynter is a full silicone baby doll. She is the Chantal sculpt by Olivia Stone. And Nehemiah is the silicone baby doll from the Cynthia Anna sculpt, by Aimee Strickland. You can find silicone baby dolls for sale on their webpages.

I love my reborn babies, silicone babies, and reborn toddlers! Subscribe to my channel for more videos of the Silicone baby dolls: Wynter, Silicone Baby Nehemiah, & the rest of the reborn baby dolls. I film reborn roleplays with my reborn dolls. I love reborn babies and I am a reborn artist. On camera I like to film reborn baby morning routines, reborn baby night routines, reborn baby blanket reveals, reborn baby outing, reborn baby box openings, reborn baby day in the life, reborn baby feeding and much more! There is a lot of fun and creativity that goes into the filming of my reborn baby dolls.

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  1. Londyn Jae Grant Suell

    Can I get a baby from you please

  2. nana,laila green

    i want to see Summer ok

  3. Aliya Dogan

    When i put my reborn on the security table, everyone ran over and then started laughing. ????

  4. DJ Jordan

    good tips! itd b fun to see securities reactions.

  5. Miss Rose

    Why dont u just keep her in your hands are u shy?

  6. Summer And Izzy

    Can someone pleas sub to me

  7. Francesca Faccilongo


  8. SillyConeBaby

    I request you record security doing the checking of the baby and their reactions! lol ;)

  9. Marlissa Foster

    have safe trip and have fun

  10. Jorden Payne

    I watch all your videos I am a subscriber all4reborns do u love all your subscriber

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    winter does not like them twins

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    so after reborn what size do Winter Wear what size do Winter Wear

  14. Sarai Smith

    so after reborn what size do Winter Wear what size do Winter Wear

  15. Ella's HairBoutique

    Hey! I love you videos! Where did you get wynter? Im looking to buy one maybe and I want one flumsy like a real baby just life wynter but a diffrent doll. 🙂

    Hopfullly you understand that :)

  16. Sparkle Thompson

    oh man I forgot u said u were going on an airplane to bad no car seat

  17. Lavender Babies

    It means a lot to me Wynter is going in that onesie. I hope you have a safe flight and will be saying prayers. My sister retired from air traffic control 18 months ago, and my brother flies all the time for work. He and my sister in law go to China again in Nov to adopt. Sadly I don't share their enthusiasm for airplanes????. I am looking forward to videos from LA;I have never been. Sending lots of love and positive energy to AZ!????

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