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Smarter than Smart Travel Tips

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  1. Kevin P

    VERY SMART: Close the flip top on the bottle first and then tape it
    securely shut with the masking tape. At 1:00…the flip top was not closed
    tightly due to the tape getting into the way.

  2. Tori R.

    Never thought to use a hair dryer to take out wrinkles, Good Tip.

  3. J o s e p h D

    You make my Thurs bearable!
    Nice hair too

  4. Eileen Ramspacher

    I love the hair dryer tip! Thanks so much.

  5. Waverly875

    Can you do an affordable travel essentials vlog? 

  6. Apple Sinclair

    Smartest: watching your tips before packing.

  7. Bud Foltyn

    Wait, 300K views?! Awesome, Sonia! :)

  8. kayli fergus

    Dear Sonia, at the end of the school year my class will be going to
    Washington D.C and I was wondering if you could make a video about
    surviving the long bus ride, what to pack and how to do it smartly, and
    what you would pack (toiletries and makeup that can survive a long day of
    Sun and sweat). I would really appreciate your expert advice!

  9. Victoria Mather

    Tip 1: I only own 7 pairs of shoes so I pack flats, heels, shoes for that
    season, slippers and running shoes. How can only pack 3???
    Tip 2: shower steam doesn’t get wrinkles out and I don’t own a hair dryer
    so I have to use a portable steamer
    Tip 3: Already do that one. Works well.
    Tip 4: I use a laundry bag but I don’t own dryer sheets.

  10. LovesOfJuneBug

    I’ve been keeping my clothing color scheme simple. Not only does it make
    for lighter travel, it also makes putting together outfits on-the-go SOOOO
    much easier! I know Sonia has mentioned this in previous videos, but
    seriously, it has changed the way I travel. No matter what I pull out, it
    all matches!

  11. TheTravelCrush

    Babe I’ve just posted my new travel vlog if you’re interested. I quit my
    job and I’m travelling the world at the moment so I might as well share my
    experiences. Lots of love xxx

  12. Carlos Martín

    AMAZING! thank you, Sonia we love you! <3

  13. babykaysayokay

    These are just a repetition of your old tips

  14. Jessica Pattenaude

    Smart tips, rolling/compression bags so everything fits with room to spare 

  15. Natalia Gibbs

    Hi i subbed to ur channel cuz of the video u made of DR. I loved it. New
    subbie here!!! 

  16. elizabeth medero

    Great tips! Going on a cruise & couldn’t go with only 2 pairs of shoes

  17. 59cottoncandy

    Live your travel tips, they are always so concise and helpful :)

  18. E Rodriguz H

    @soniastravels where d u get music for ur videos?
    me la eh pasado buscanod musica para mis videos pero no encuentro
    y la musica que usas son geniales, las compras? o que dame tips sobre eso

  19. Keren Jollia Nuneza

    a smarter decision I made: pack an extra carry-on on in my large suitcase
    for all the stuff I bought when I go home. 😀 

  20. Marti Tabora

    One smart decision when travelling abroad is to make sure the hotel you
    choose has hot water. Many countries have accommodations without hot

  21. Valerie Hsieh

    Smarter: watching Sonia’s travel videos.

  22. brittanymariewalsh

    my tip: rolling all clothes in the way home. It makes everything super
    compact, and it makes that extra room for all your souvenirs. Plus, if you
    and up having to open your suitcase, compact rolls of clothes are easier to
    navigate through than just folded clothes, and they stay together in the
    suitcase if you pack them in well

  23. tammigirl

    Love the hairdryer tip! I always carry many ziploc bags in multiple sizes.
    For food, for small parts, for picking up the pieces when something breaks
    – to be dealt with later, for wet clothes, for coins (because I find them
    disgustingly filthy) and for a ton of other reasons you never think of
    until you need one. 

  24. ExploreList

    Great travel tips Sonia. I’ll have to remember some of these tips when I
    start my round the world trip. 

  25. Marti Tabora

    It is definitely smarter than smart to put tape on your bottles of liquids
    before putting them in plastic bags.