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South East Asia travel guide – Tips and Tricks about backpacking

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  1. mch006 Reply

    Good video guys! Where was it shot at? Let’s travel!!!!!!

  2. Alexander Asheim Kyllevik Reply

    Good advices! However, riding a horse is much much more expensive than
    taking a local minibus or angkot.

  3. Shin Eris Reply

    How long have you been in Indonesia? Your Indonesian is good for an
    European (I assume you’re European).

  4. fitria farhana Reply

    Wow amazing video guys
    This is in bali indonesia, isn’t it?

  5. cameronmac1231 Reply

    One more month and I leave Canada for a year to Asia:)

  6. Vidi Djou Reply

    Gotta love Indonesia for that dudes everythings is cheap and everyone
    always smiling to you #dammiloveindonesia 

  7. fitria farhana Reply

    Wow amazing video guys
    This is in bali indonesia, isn’t it?

  8. chong kok man Reply
  9. Cover-More Travel Insurance Reply

    Thanks for the tips!! :)

  10. Vader Skies Reply

    The girl is beautiful too. Does she come included in the trip.

  11. Paris Wells Reply

    Nice video

  12. tschackalacka Reply

    In which country did ypu made the video?:)

  13. SalDee Reply

    goin to Jakarta in 5 days and planning to stay in the region as long as I
    can…soooooooo excited!

  14. Widya arum sari Reply

    Ha! That’s Indonesia :D

  15. Daniel Washford Reply

    Heyoooo 🙂 I’ve quit my job, sold my house and I’m travelling around asia.
    If you click on my face and subscribe we can watch my breakdown as it
    happens ahah

  16. Beegan Strez Reply

    Hey, me and my friend have just started a travel vlog so if you could watch
    it and subscribe it would be greatly appreciated 😀 We’ve been to Dubai and
    now going to Asia for four months :)

  17. hatchooo Reply

    Fantastic video. You guys rock, king & queen of travels!

  18. Daniel Morales Reply

    Great video!! Loved it!!

  19. Tao Wilkins Reply

    Well made and informative! Good work

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