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Taiwan Special 1/3 – Tips on Travel Photography (Ep.1)

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  1. MCWalibi

    What’s the name of the app on 0:53?

  2. Eden Jay Collins

    Make more of thease :O

  3. turevus

    What camera did you use to shoot this video?

  4. clickerdogtraining

    how tall is locke? I want him in my bed tonight!

  5. Film & TV

    Great video, and poor Alamby having to eat that Tofu…I hope you guys
    don’t get Diarrhea in you travels with all those different foods…Have you
    ever thought of going to Macao? (Portuguese).

  6. 錢威縉

    Welcome to Taiwan

  7. PaulReviews

    ‘The bloody producer’ hahaha

  8. ashley 盧

    that is my favorite sunblock….

  9. gewglesux

    The women in Taiwan are beautiful.

  10. Jack Foley

    Is Alamby married to Lok or Kai?!

  11. SCmyinspiration

    Alamby <3

  12. Indonesia's Supermodel

    Hi, I had a question for you guys, hope you gan give me proper clues. Well,
    I was back from Taiwan recently and took a night flight back to Indonesia.
    While on plane, I saw beautiful stars and amazing sky. My question is, how
    can we get beautiful night sky pics on shaking plane, since We have to use
    long exposures to increase light and lowest iso to reduce noise? Is there
    any tricks to make the camera stay steady since most of our photography
    equipments must be in baggage due to security matters in airport? 

  13. luminor007

    This must be the only place without a McDonalds. Love this trip series :)

  14. Roheezzy

    Really enjoyed this 3 – part series ! Can we look forward to anymore travel
    photography series ?

  15. Joe Schmoe

    That toilet restaurant is the funniest thing I have ever seen.

  16. shikarisflame

    get a new intro!

  17. Shawn McRoberts

    Wow those streets look so crowded and open at the same time. I’d be so

  18. Andrew Head

    What app was Lok using on his iPad on the plane. the “Rudimentary version
    of Flight Control”

  19. Yin Cheung Lau

    welcome to the Top Gear special!!!

  20. thatzombieplace

    does alamby still go on videos?

  21. Keith Castillo

    did he say a-mode? wtf Kai?! 

  22. David Bay

    Everytime I watched your video, I fear for your camera……..

  23. Videos from Patrik and CuDobh

    “Stinky Tofu”… Gets on list with the Swedish “Surströmming”, Fermented
    Smelly but still considered by many as a delicacy.

  24. awesome person

    DigitalRev TV is the TopGear of photography.

  25. morphix007

    whos the girl you travel with at the starT?

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