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Ten Tips for New Cruisers

Hey newbie cruisers
I’m Sheri with cruise tips TV onboard the Norwegian jewel with some helpful tips for first time cruise passengers.
IF you’re preparing for your first cruise vacation there’s a lot to think about.
So today we’re going to give you some basic tips to get the most out of your cruise vacation.
Number 1:
Did you know that most food on a cruise ship is free including the main dining rooms and buffets. Of course there are specialty dining rooms on most cruise lines these days available for a surcharge, but you can feast like kings and queens for the entire week without spending a penny if you plan it well. Things like water lemonade iced tea hot tea and coffee are also free but you’ll want to budget for soda and alcoholic beverages as there will be a charge for most of those items on mainstream cruises.
Number 2:
The cruise entertainment staff makes planning your daily activities easy by printing handy daily newsletter that outline everything from what time you’ll be arriving into port to what time bingo starts to when to head to the main show lounge for the evenings entertainment. Every cruise line calls their daily newsletter something different but you’ll find it to be the “activity encyclopedia” for your cruise.
Number 3:
Want to save a little money on board? most cruise lines allow one bottle of wine per adult- but it must be packed in your carry on luggage. this wine can be enjoyed in your stateroom or on your balcony. Be aware that if you take it to a restaurant or dining establishment on the ship you may be charge the corkage fee. Oh, and Don’t forget your corkscrew! You may also be able to bring other beverages on board like water and soda but check your cruise lines beverage policy *before* you pack and if you’re flying to port you may not want to bother with schlepping beverages onboard.
Number 4:
On embarkation day most cruise lines issue a cruise card, like this, which will double as a room key AND your onboard credit card. Since cruise lines are cashless you’ll see a lot of people with these hanging from a lanyard.
Number 5:
One thing that surprised us the most when we started cruising is how few electrical outlet there are in cruise cabins. We like to pack a surge protector or charging hub to solve this problem. Again be sure to check your cruise lines policies on these items because some lines are strict about what they will allow on board.
Number 6:
Booking a reservation to enjoy a specialty Dining venue on the *first* night of your cruise can be a great move …..why you ask? Some cruise lines offer special promotions like a free bottle of wine on the first night of the cruise. For us it’s just a matter of preference because the main dining room can be a bit of a zoo on the first night.
Number 7:
Prone to sea sickness? You might consider booking a cabin midship on a lower Deck to ease symptoms of motion sickness. Talk to your travel agent to find the best cabin that meets all of your requirements.
Number 8:
Celebrating a special occasion on board?
You can order dozens of in room gifts for yourself or your cruise companion before you sail. You can order everything from flowers to Champagne to chocolate covered strawberries to gifts for children, birthday decorations, anniversary decorations and sometimes even a tuxedo for those elegant evenings on board in advance of your cruise. Check your cruise line’s website for more information.
Number 9:
Cruise ship these days can be massive and they’re only getting bigger. When you’re working with the cruise line or travel agent to choose what cabin is right for you, try to think about the areas where you will spend the most time and book a cabin close to those areas.
Last but certainly not least, Go into your cruise vacation with a relaxed and flexible attitude. Cruise vacations can be more variable than land vacations. You are on a moving vessel subject to weather patterns, mechanical issues, and a variety of other factors which can affect your cruise.
Enjoy your cruise companions!
Treat yourself to a massage or a cocktail and be kind to the staff and crew!
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  1. Deshelia Bowen

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    Great Tips. We lean towards specialty dining at lunch, where it's either an inexpensive upgrade or discounted over dinner prices. On Norwegian, I would do the opposite if you're a foodie, get the dining package. Also just because they say that the art and jewelry is a good deal, a few minutes on Ebay can help you cherry pick what actually is fairly priced.

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