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Jason Harper talks girls, bars – bar girls, food, prices – girl prices, accommodation and general tips on how to tell a lady boy from the real deal through to places to see and how to own a business or rather warnings on owning a business in Thailand.
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  1. nathancad

    1000 for short time is ridiculous, 1000 should be for long time

  2. Nate Ding

    Amazing and very informative!

  3. Kenneth Cheah

    is the htl still around.and also like to know if the bars still in operation as i checked its is closed.pls update thkz.

  4. yensabi

    Jason tells it to you as it is , great advice for any one thinking about going to Thailand for the first time , i went with a mate who was well experienced and he showed me what to do and what to pay etc on my first trip and this is the best way to go……….

  5. The Lonely Wanderer

    More Thailand info and entertainment on my channel, please check it out!  Thanks!  The Lonely Wanderer.

  6. Jason Harper

    remeber boys these are just words of advice based on my ecsperience nothing in stone don't like the advice don't listen to it very simple I am not saying this must be done just guide lines to work from

  7. Daniel Meehan

    Lol, half Ozzy, half Northerner.

  8. german411

    Another know it all PIMP,all Thai women can be bought for a price,there all whores and will suck your dick for 20 baht.

  9. rick johnson

    yea pattaya is rough on prices. myself, going to cnx this yr. so yea i wanna experience true love.

  10. Mad For it

    Anyone who owns a bar in Thailand and cannot speak Thai fluently will 100% fail….

  11. Mad For it

    He is just a glorified pimp!

  12. The good guy

    if you want a thai wife go to the villages where you will find nice girls not corrupted by working in the bars,,,,,yes they want financial security ,,, but show me a ferang female that does not !!!!!!!!!

  13. gottmovie

    Thais are all hookers and thieves.

  14. EastTexassurvival

    Wow! Pink Floyd's "The Wall" playing in the background just added about 10 tons of irony to this vid. Great stuff. Going to retire at 50 soon with a good pension and want to travel. Thailand is my first item on the bucket list. Going to look into your web site.

  15. max miser

    Jason is raw but real.

  16. PhongMike

    Thank you for this excellent interview… Now I know much more about bar life in Thailand so I won't get ripped off…love going to Thai but I am stuck with MARRIAGE!!

  17. Alan Ward

    can he own the bar, when farrangs cannot buy land in Thailand I hope it works out for him,I Have seen loads of men like him blow every penny they have, I am talking about £300000 plus, I know one man he was loaded when he got here, paid his wife's mum & dad big money to marry her, then he had a big house with the pool, not from pattaya, he had 3 houses renting out, then they finished he gave her the 3 houses he had renting, but she wanted the lot, she got him killed,if you look on YouTube you will find it, if you can't find it send me a message.

  18. Alan Ward

    Don't go with a bar girl, shag your dog, it will be cheaper 

  19. Alan Ward

    Don't buy a bar, in Thailand, you will get ripped off big time.

  20. Alan Ward

    Do I discount if it takes me 5 seconds, lol