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The Coolest Travel Hacks

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  1. Sakura11101

    When I went to France, I stored all of my money in a smarties container
    (the hexagon type tubes). It fit the coins perfectly, and nobody would
    think to steal candy.

  2. BinkieMcFartnuggets

    Stuffing your underpants in your shoes is great until someone comments
    about how your balls smell like feet.

  3. ramiro bravo

    im a professional traveler and my number one hack is…. Just pack like a
    normal person and stop fucking my mom because last time she was fucked it
    was by my platypus and she fucking enjoyed that shit! she literally ATE the
    shit.. and she enjoyed it. moral of he story, Never do marijuana 

  4. dimondrw

    I couldn’t do the chapstick money hack. I lose chapstick tubes as is, I’m
    sure I’d lose it even if it had money in it

  5. yourkidkabaap

    Lol, the dude from TSA was going through my stuff and he went like, “Oh
    yeah,…I remember seeing this on Buzzfeed…”

  6. TheWhoselinefan2

    1:00 …yeah it’s totally safe, because someone breaking in would NEVER
    look for drugs to steal, so putting jewelry in a pill case is pretty much
    the same as putting it in a safe.

  7. cazza c

    Don’t hack it’s breaking the law.Your mum wont be proud.

  8. Fi

    But then my socks will smell like feet.
    Oh, wait…

  9. Nathania Benita

    once we were stranded in a business district in Seoul, Korea with only 3
    won left. We had to walk to the nearest Bank we saw. which is not near at
    all. and they don’t speak English. and it was -20 degrees celcius. And the
    cheapest street snack is at least 3000 won and 20 meters away. That was

  10. Mary Burke

    So you’re gonna fill a straw with toothpaste, put in your butt cheeks, then
    brush your teeth with it. Seems legit.

  11. Charles Taylor

    Shove ur toothpaste up ur ass, then brush ur teeth with it, seems legit 

  12. EdwinGotAss

    Lol i have to sit down on my luggage in order to get the shit closed

  13. smari266

    If they didn’t think the toothpaste hack was a good idea then why did they
    put it in the video in the first place?

  14. zack9912000

    its ok the TSA will still half your stuff anyways.

  15. Martin Willett

    Did anybody notice the irony of first saying use dryer sheets to keep your
    clothes smelling fresh and then immediately afterwards suggesting shoving
    your clean socks and underwear inside your shoes?

  16. Diana Hufford

    Just make toothpaste dots on a sheet of wax paper and let them dry, then
    put them in a plastic bag.

  17. Deniz Aydin

    i started pissing myself laughin at the toothpaste bit and it was 2 in the
    mornin and my da walked into my room and fucked a bomb at me and now im

  18. Costlyrocket

    Well 2,518,358 people now know where I hide my jewelry.

  19. JackDagnaIs

    If a little straw full off toothpaste is enough for your trip then you most
    likely don’t need the rest of the tips, since you’re probably only going
    for a day or two and don’t need to pack that much.

  20. AwesomenessAnonymous

    1:44 to end lolol

  21. Yuuki Lex

    i thought that a hack was either; wallhack, speedhack or aimbot… not how
    to put underwear into a shoe

  22. Colonel DutyPL

    Two things in this video made me say: wait, what!?

  23. cupcakebecka

    the last one omg HAHAHAHHA

  24. kattie quinn

    that last part reminded me of a time a guy got stoped because they beleived
    he was carrying an explosicve when what it really was just a thing you put
    on wood LOL

  25. Benjamin Ulisse

    Plastic wrapping your shampoo bottle and fixing clothespegs to your razors
    is a great idea but it won’t stop the TSA and security grouchos from
    confiscating them. Speaking from experience, you’re better off leaving your
    shampoo, razors and toothpaste at home before you go overseas unless you
    want to spend a couple of extra minutes in customs, only to dump your
    unopened perfectly fine toothpaste in the bin because they won’t let you
    take it on the plane. Just buy those items once you’ve landed at your
    desto, most countries you visit should have them, and if they don’t sell
    shampoo then why even visit there.