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The Experience Of Flying A Private Carrier Compared To Commercial Flight


Think of the times you seen a chartered airline flight in the movies and wondered what that experience would be like. Crowded, noisy and uncomfortable aren’t words one would describe a private chartered flight. The scenario would be more of wide open spaces, enough so your feet aren’t cramped underneath the seat before you or have the feeling of being squeezed between two other people. The attentive flight staff is here to make your journey as comfortable as possible.But if you require or desire a more luxurious and relaxing flight you can add all sorts of features to make the flight even more comfortable and enjoyable. You can have a flying spa if you desire with a private masseuse and have a relaxing manicure or massage or any number of treatments. If you are more worried about the in flight meal, you can arrange to have a private chef prepare an in flight meal that will rival even the best restaurants.Speaking of pampered, often times you will be asked if you care for a massage or a manicure. What commercial airline offers any of these types of services?     You’re lucky if you are offered a bag of pretzels or peanuts. Commercial flights no longer offer free food; everything has a cost associated with it. You pay for each bag boarded on the plane, the food and even the headsets. Some flights even want to charge you if you request a blanket.Instead of wasting the first day of your vacation in crowded airports, waiting for your flight and then dealing with an overcrowded flight with nowhere to go for hours, you could be stretched out in your own private cabin, without having to worry about making conversation with a stranger in the next seat over. It is a different way to fly, maybe even a better way to fly. Also, you don’t have to worry about losing your luggage in a stopover in some city along the way.All these extra features make traveling on a private charter flight worth it. Your piece of mind is valuable. These private companies are counting on you so thoroughly enjoying your flight experience you won’t ever consider flying commercial again.Source: Free Articles from ArticlesFactory.com

Flying a decent Private
jet charter means a much different flight adventure. A
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charter is fun from the minute you jump on.

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