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The ULTIMATE carry on guide for flights ✈️ | Tips from a travel PRO

Hi Friends! Today’s video I am sharing my ULTIMATE carry on guide for flights. I am a seasoned veteran of long haul flights, and I’ve developed a great system to keep me comfortable as possible.

** I did forget to mention I also pack sunglasses in a hard case and occasionally a neck pillow – I feel like those items are really up to you though- some people think it’s important and some wouldn’t bother 😛

Hope you find this video helpful- lots of love!

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  1. Juliet Baird

    Seriously helpful vid – been looking for one like this for ages !

  2. Shireen AM

    i'm traveling in around a week and a few days {august 3rd} and this helped me out so much! thank you!

  3. Shirley Peace

    Yea but what about getting through security with a bottle of water what if they have a certain amount of water to carry on the plane

  4. MonaCo Flowers


  5. Katie Sutton

    Don't be a stinky little fucker ????

  6. Buddagal Rimpche

    I <3 YOU!!!!! You are right on point with the panty liners and wipes I always take them everywhere with me!!!! ;P I love watching you you are the coolest!

  7. Jade Lindon

    Someone from the UK, I'm travelling next month and I've been watching a lot of these videos and people bring creams and liquid make up products but I didn't think I would be allowed to take this. Does anyone know if you can from the UK?

  8. Alisha Marshall

    Omg thank you for this video! Great ideas!

  9. Zayna Qualander

    Are you a tomboy?????????

  10. Dunia Lehwald

    Amazing video!!!! I travel a lot myself but i still found some stuff that i can improve 🙂 So thank you!!!

    Btw could you tell us where you got your top from? It´s look beautiful!!!!

  11. Monique O'Neil

    i have the exact same head phones as her

  12. LifeVlogs

    I'm going to mexico in a year lol, and I'm already watching videos because i'm going to be in mexico or half a month. I'm so excited and this help me a lot and she's talking about things that are so real.

  13. smileyouareAWESOME awesome

    lol she said the person next to me is on MY period 11:42 ????????????

  14. sal la

    where is your jacket from

  15. FoxTrot Gamez

    Flying for the first time by myself… Gosh I am so nervous xD I am mentally and physically preparing myself

  16. khadi kitty

    best video EVER

  17. Zinnia McLloyd

    Subbed????✨ Great vid!!!???? Your Jacket though xx

  18. phan trash #2

    I live in England ant travel to Australia a lot so yeah this is helpful for my 24 hour flights

  19. Mike M

    You might as well bring your entire apartment rather

  20. Riley Reh

    Where is this jacket from