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The Ultimate Guide To Staying In A Hostel

The Ultimate Guide To Staying In A Hostel

If you’ve never stayed in a hostel, don’t book a room until after you have read my “5 Tips For Staying in a Hostel”.

I cover things like how to avoid bugs, how to get that coveted bottom bunk and 3 things you must bring with you! It’s a video you don’t want to miss.

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  1. Emma Starkel

    hostel world is a dream app

  2. Alicia Ostrowski

    Hey Courtney! You're gorgeous too! Love the idea of encouraging black girls to travel more! I'm trying to steer my channel in a travel direction as well. I'm a new follower????

  3. Get Yo Stamps

    These are some great tips! I definitely thought hostels had age limits. It's nice to know there's more diversity when it comes to the ages of those staying there.

  4. I did it Handy Dummy

    Thank you for your tips. You tips are not only common sense especially how to know the bugs problem, sanitary condition, age limit, avoid upper berth etc. May I ask why you don't like upper bed, I used to like upper berth when I traveled on night train in China. I don't like people sit on my bed causally.

  5. latejanuary

    this is really helpful, thank you!

  6. BronzeBellaBria

    You're 35?! I legit thought you were like 25-27 max… #blackdontcrack ;)

  7. deejallery

    Thanks for tips. I'm 29 and I will be traveling to Germany, Spain, Austria, and Switzerland .Could you please give me names of some hostels that you have stayed in? Thanks in advance

  8. Taurusiama

    Thanks for the tips! very informative