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Time-Lapse of all cruise ships departing Fort Lauderdale on 3/29/14

Time-Lapse of all cruise ships departing Fort Lauderdale on 3/29/14

the linup included the Ruby Princess, Emerald Princess, Westerdam, Liberty of the Seas, Oasis of the Seas and the Independence of the Seas.
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  1. True Gamer191x1

    I thought they use tug boats to pull out

  2. Chrissy Simons

    Have a question? I went on a cruise in around 2004 or so and the ship i was in was not as big and looked like a really older model . Cant remember what it was called but had it retire , loved the food it was a princess cruise ship . Just had trouble in small room with no windows and little round ones

  3. Muhammad Fardeen

    awesome video…thank u so Much for sharing

  4. crosswind

    Cooool timelapse…..please check my last video with ships too….:-)))

  5. Tony La Russa

    What's with the music? Funny stuff.

  6. Steve Roth

    Wow, those RCCL ships are just massive!  Great footage all the way around, but I really loved the shot of the bridge of the Emerald Princess.  Thanks for posting!

  7. LankyMuffin

    Awesome shots! Check out the timelapse videos I made from a Royal Caribbean ship!

  8. Naomi Bell

    Awesome filming, my son is a massive cruise ship fan and loved it. Well done.

  9. Wezilla


  10. CruisingLizzy

    Love this time lapsed video. I enjoyed watching most of your cruise videos….thank you for doing them. :)