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Tipping Room Service, Keyless Embarkation, and Booking a Future Cruise

Tipping Room Service, Keyless Embarkation, and Booking a Future Cruise

Check out easy cruise search here: https://cruiseline.com?utm_source=youtube&utm_campaign=cttv Hey cruisers, in this vlog we start things off with questions about tipping room service, keyless embarkation, and booking a future cruise. In our video about ordering room service on our Carnival cruise, we mentioned tipping for room service. That caught the attention of one of our subscribers that asked if tipping room service on cruise ships is customary since gratuities are already being adding to your daily bill. Also, Carnival has recently started rolling out a new keyless embarkation program, and some cruisers are concerned about security and exactly how the replacement for the Carnival keycard will work. Does it make sense to take advantage of cruise lines future cruise deals? Is it wise to talk to a future cruise consultant on a cruise, and what are the future cruise benefits? These are some of the terrific cruise questions we cover in this week’s vlog. We also briefly talk about dressing for formal night on a cruise, booking an inside cabin (and how dark it gets), age restrictions for Zumba on a cruise, sea sickness bands, and do cruisers still decorate their doors?

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  1. La Lido Loca

    Great tips. We are going to be in an interior for the first time on our cruise to Cuba. I’m excited about the darkness. Thanks again for the helpful info!

  2. Stuart Twiddy

    YES tipping the room service person is traditional!

  3. Sam S

    Oh, I forgot to mention that we tried Carnival’s Faster to the Fun, for the first time, and it worked out very well for us – all 6 of us on board and to our cabins in a jiffy – it was smooth sailing and great that we didn’t have to join the long line at Guest Services. I will use this for EVERY future cruise as it is well worth it.

  4. Ginger Johnson

    You always do such a great job informing everyone. I remember commenting once not to buy a new wardrobe for a cruise! I used to get nervous about that too. Mama Stacey, I can hook you up with some (only worn once) hand me downs!!!

  5. Sue G

    Great vlog Sheri! Love your vlogs, such good advice. I agree with you on tipping. Tipping that little bit extra actually goes a long way and the staff really gives you that extra attention. They really work hard and deserve that little extra. See you Saturday

  6. c richardson

    Was on the Victory last week. Keyless embarkation went very smoothly. Great cruise.

  7. Ms Maree

    That is true, my room key was waiting for me on the Victory last month. It worked out well, and I was able to get a drink before getting my card as well. I wasn’t nervous about my card being on my door. 🙂

  8. Tiff Prendergast

    I declare my door 🚪

  9. Lahne Lahne

    Yay you pronounced my name right (that doesn’t happen often) btw love your channel

  10. Shannon Smith

    I have decorated our door for our past 3 cruises. In fact, I have a laminated poster that has been used on our past two cruises on Norwegian (first the Star, then the Escape). We have cruised over Halloween and decorated the inside of the cabin with fun Halloween decor. If anyone has any questions regarding the door decorating standards, please feel free to reach out to me.

  11. Tom Urban

    Just sailed on the Vista last week. 5th cruise total, 4 on Carnival. the embarkation was a nightmare. Many new cruisers had no idea what was going on with the boarding pass as your temporary S&S card. The bar staff had to manually enter the info into the computer to get you a drink. The entire senario proved slow and tedious. The rooms were not ready for 2 hours after we arrived on deck and there were a great many frustrated passengers. The Vista needs to re-evaluate their staffing needs.

  12. Jennafire 5.0

    We had keyless embarkation on Glory in June!!! We were on the ship and enjoying the fun the fastest we ever have been. 😊 Keys were at the door probably within 20 min.

  13. Marcela A

    This may be TMI but do you have any tips on cruising during your period? I’m 99% sure I’ll be on it when we embark next month and it’s a 7 night cruise 😢 Please help lol

  14. Diane Peacock

    Booked on Carnival Breeze Oct 27 2018, Saw this ship has been renovated. Have you heard anything new, cannot find any updated tours. Thanks for the news in the new embarkation on that ship. Glad you are all feeling better

  15. Cruiser Life

    I don’t really think that I would like the keyless embarkation first bc of the safety but also the authenticity of getting your fresh card and getting excited. I don’t know if you get what I mean about the authenticity of the embarkation excitement but I just would prefer normal embarkation

  16. CherylJohn Stoutley

    Hi again, Sheri. Always great to catch up with your vlogs and youtube messages about our favorite pastime, cruising. We hope you have a great time on your Alaska cruise. Just to let you know, we are very excited about our plans for May 2018, when we will be taking a 14 night cruise around the Baltic, starting and finishing in Amsterdam. The Brilliance of the Seas is our chosen ship, so having experienced Celebrity, NCL, Carnival and Princess, this will be a pleasant change. Following that cruise, we are taking a train from Amsterdam to Heidelberg for a couple of nights, and then a 9 day bus tour from Munich to Vienna. We are treating this as our retirement trip of a life time. I hope when you get a chance you will try our some of the Baltic or Mediterranean cruises (if you haven’t already), as they are so special, and the history there is beyond anything the Americas can provide. Anyway, keep up the great work you and your husband are doing. Happy Cruising!!!


    Also, Mama Stacy- on embarkation night you can go into the main dining room for dinner in casual clothes. Everyone wears their embarkation clothes because not everyone has their luggage yet. You’ll see once you get on the ship, casual is the way to go!

  18. Stacey J

    My question is in regards to the keyless embarkation. Does this apply to people with suites? Typically those with a suite can gain access to their rooms around noon on embarkation day. Any info you may have is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  19. Ryan Whalen

    We put a magnet of our collage basketball team on the door and they didn’t say anything. Put then at the end we saw people with paper all over there door and stuff you would think they would make them take down.

  20. EECC Travels

    We have used the same materials for door decorations on the last two cruises on Carnival with no problems! I did make a quick how-to video if interested… thanks for all of these great videos!

  21. econojon

    I’m subscribed and this just showed up in my feed today. Got to hit that bell!

  22. Julie McCowan

    Cruise tips tv you just made my day.

  23. Stuart Twiddy

    Harmony of the seas does it like that with the room keys.

  24. Jacob Williams

    Cruise tip tv doing an awesome job I was just wonder for my kids if there is arcades on princesse cruise

  25. carolyn lucca

    HI Sheri. Nice vlog, as usual, but I’d have to disagree a bit with the dress code. I think it depends on the line. On the "big three" (NCL, RCCL, and Carnival) you can pretty much be as "bummy" as you like. Nobody will notice what you’re wearing (although if you’re scantily clad by the pool they might notice what you’re not wearing ha ha). However, on more upscale lines like Oceana, Cunard, and maybe Holland there’s a strict dress code for dinner-suits and dresses, more or less. Also, people tend to dress a little nicer during the day. Still, I never went on a cruise with the intent of dressing for success. The idea is to have fun and not worry about your clothes.

  26. Dawn Clark

    I was so excited to go on my first cruise…..rats it was such a dud. I cannot recommend Celebrity.

  27. Stuart Twiddy

    Thanks. She wears them whenever the ship is moving!

  28. Sam S

    We just got back this week from our cruise on Carnival Victory to the Bahamas and we had no issues with our key card being left in our door slot.
    Here’s a tip for anyone doing the Carnival cruise that overnights in Nassau – be sure to book your trip to coincide with the Bahamas Junkanoo Festival! This past Saturday, we took a cab (USD4.00 p/person) to Atlantis for the water park, then head back to the ship for lunch (and dinner). That night we debarked the ship again and took a cab (USD5.00) to a place called Arawak Cay (not far from port – we could see the cruise ship from this venue) where the Junkanoo Festival and parade was. It was AMAZING the costumes, music and local food was worth the trip. It is a wonderful way to experience the Bahamian culture. We had conch salad and local beer 😋. We were concerned about the safety issue as there was an announcement on the ship about increased crime in Nassau, but we never felt unsafe or uncomfortable (which was a relief).
    Bahamas Junkanoo Festival occurs on Boxing Day (Dec 26), New Year’s day and every Saturday in July (Summer Junkanoo).

  29. Susan Diekmann

    We’ll be sailing next March on Carnival Glory, and I’m feeling uneasy about retrieving the sail & sign card at the cabin door. I’m hoping that, since we got FTTF, we can retrieve that right after we board, since we are heading straight to the room anyway. I’m just not thrilled about relying on the honesty of others. We shall see!

  30. MR CHIPY

    How do you afford week after week cruises

  31. Carolyn Talley

    Yes Moma..Your work clothes will be OK for cuising…Lady please go to the resale shop and go crazy…Cuz that is what i do..I alway get some good stuff..

  32. bishy960

    @Nathan G in regards to waking up in inside cabins, here’s a tip, purchase a sunrise simulation alarm clock like the Sleepace Sleep Aid. Check it out, they are pretty compact and great for inside cabins and it doubles as a bluetooth speaker. We love ours and always take it if we booked inside cabins.

  33. Tips Para Crucero

    Hi Sheri, I would like to know how the shore excursions with Carnival work? I’ve been on a cruise before, but I’ve never bought an excursion because my English is not very good … if I buy it on carnival.com, what do I have to do on board?

  34. Elizabeth Breen

    Love this. The live stream is on Teagans birthday but I will catch it after. Thanks

  35. Julieanne Hall

    Please let Mama Stacey know that there are 2nd hand stores that you can pick up nice clothing for not a lot of money. They have a whole area of beautiful gowns and nice dressy clothes.
    Love your attitude.
    We also till 2-3 dollars for our room service. They go above a beyond.
    107 days till cruising. Yay!!!!!

  36. richard choromanski

    I dont like having the key at the door slot.

  37. Tony DePalma

    I always have the daily room charge removed from my account. I go to guest service and ask to have it removed. I tell them I wish to tip directly. I then bring $100 in fives and $100 in ones. I tip in cash to all those nice people. It is my understanding that there is a sliding scale and most of the tip money goes to the management. The first day I give my room attendant $20 and I tell him or her that I will take care of them at the end of the week.

  38. stars1400404

    I am loving your videos. Could you tell me what you bring with you when you get off the ship at ports?

  39. Sharolyn Wells

    I’m a light sensitive sleeper too, Sherry. That’s why at home, I wear a sleep mask. That will be the first thing I pack when my hubby and I go cruising.

  40. Loren Blumberg

    Always very informative….

  41. boxofmakeup

    HI! Do you only focus on Carnival cruises? Or do you also talk about Royal Carribean?

  42. Robert and Gwen Kramer

    Thank you for covering Carnival’s keyless embarkation. We will be sailing on the Valor in September. I hope they have cards ready for faster to the fun, diamond and platinum guests. Not sure if I like this. Seems to me there is a potential for theft when cards are not secure.

  43. Jackpo25

    Can I tip you? 😏

  44. Farore Games

    Have they done a video about the different cruise lines they have been on and the pro’s and cons? I am thinking about booking a cruise with Norwegian but I want my first cruise to be well researched.

  45. mwomack78250

    Just got off our Alaskan Cruise. Best Ever! We’ve already booked Alaska for the same time next year… and we’re taking our 4 kids (in their 20s) $1.00 per person per room booking fee, free drinks pkg p/p and 50.00 p/p on board credit! Alaska is unbelievably beautiful! So excited for next year already!

  46. Stuart Twiddy

    Gurrrrrl we need to hear some id those mad karaoke skillz!

  47. Ivan Blume

    So that you’re not in a pitch black room on an inside cabin, you can use led tea lights some flicker like a real candles, adding a nice romantic feel and provide a guide light around the room, so you won’t have to turn on the main lights in the cabin and wake up your other half. We use the led lights on the our balcony state rooms, it adds a warm feel to the room that adds to the experience.

  48. Cruising with wheels

    Oh my gosh….. The cold germs filter through the internet and I have been sick since the last live stream 🙁 I take solace in the fact that I couldn’t have caught a cold from 2 nicer people!!!! LOL As for keyless embarkation….. I don’t know how long you have been cruising but this is nothing new for Frank and I. In fact, this is how they used to do things years ago. They used to had out cards in a designated area on the deck your cabin was located and then the following day they would take your picture for the card. I find it odd that Carnival has decided to go 3 steps backwards!!! I wanted to also respond to Valeria’s question, people still DO decorate there doors. We started to do a video of door decorations for each cruise and posting it on our channel!!!

  49. Evelyn Ceballos

    For mama Stacey I thought the same thing but when I got there I saw people wearing casual clothes like shorts and leggings don’t worry if u can go shopping but just dress however u feel comfortable

  50. Gail Abert

    Another great video, thanks! BTW, could mention that having the TV set to the ship cam for an inside cabin might be beneficial if someone is used to waking to sunlight.