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Tips for First Time Cruisers

I’m still reeling from my Cruise with MSC Cruises. So after coming home and decompressing I pulled together some tips I think that might be super helpful for first time cruisers. If you’re a veteran cruiser & have anything to add, feel free to leave in the comment section below.

Check out all of my vlogs https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxhGPQKm8MfaevUD-Uorf1YE9XFVCKq2X

MSC’s website https://www.msccruisesusa.com/en-us/Homepage.aspx

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  1. Peta-Gaye Daniel

    Totally agree with you on taking independent tours at the ports! Just ensure that you keep track of time and you should be fine.

  2. Peta-Gaye Daniel

    Love love love your videos on this cruise! So many people don't yet know about MSC. Although I've already been on four cruises, our MSC Divina cruise will be our first one on MSC, and your feedback about activities on the ship and your experience overall have built on the excitement I already have from researching MSC. Thanks for sharing your experience! We are looking forward to it!

  3. Shabster sea

    Thank you! I am going on the same cruise, but in october and this was so helpfull. But i do have a question. What kind of (drank) package did you get? I am not a drinker and those packages are expensive! I do not want to spend al off that money n 2 drinks.

  4. Kubwa Nanzuri

    why you wearing my LB dress I'm wearing it on my cruise too first timer lol

  5. DaddyIvo

    Great video, young lady!

  6. Arneedia Dandy

    I love your review? Do you remember seeing any ATV in Mexico and what did you do in Jamaica?

  7. mary threatt

    great information, tfs

  8. Nancy Johnson

    My love it's not a boat it's called a Ship, just my tip. Glad you got to experience.

  9. Mellonee Edgeston

    Great video

  10. marque235

    Enjoyed your vids. Had never heard of MSC cruise line. Tip: Crew members prefer you call it a ship, not a boat~ ????

  11. Akayou

    The thing about the cruise excursions, if you are late for the boat, the cruise take responsibility for you. where as going on your own if you miss you miss.