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TIPS FOR STAYING IN HOSTELS (+ How to Book & Survive!)

TIPS FOR STAYING IN HOSTELS (+ How to Book & Survive!)

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Here are my top tips for staying in hostels, how to book them and how to survive them! [ ⬇OPEN FOR MORE ⬇ ]
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  1. Bet OR

    Hey!! Great tips!!! One of my tips is, if you get the chance to choose your bed, don´t get one close to the bathroom or the way out door……people come in and out all night. :)

  2. MapleSunset

    Hey friends, I've just updated my travel blog with more travel/hostel tips: https://www.maplesunset.com/tips-for-staying-in-hostels/ <3

  3. Alexis Archuleta

    This was so helpful! Thank you so much!

  4. Hamza From Bahrain

    Thanks for the tips, I hope it reaches the annoying people turning the lights on at night and leave the door open while others are sleep.

  5. xxCpxxDr0n3

    super helpful, thank you! :)

  6. Jeff Blosser

    I subscribed, going solo across the US. this year and want to save as much $$ as possible. Thank you for the advice:)

  7. The WanderingBirds

    Hi there! 😉 i like your videos. and we share the same thoughts with traveling.
    What hostel would u recommend in hanoi vietnam? thank you!

  8. Ryan Wilson (Bucket List Adventures)

    Thanks for making this, gonna be helpful when I'm in Asia booking myself!

  9. Jung Bechtold

    Great to see that… I learn about it too. Using shepherdsurvives handbooks :)

  10. YayErikucha

    Loved this video! I am a receptionist at a hostel. I made a video about staying at hostels and tips to be a nice guest. You guys can check it out on my channel!

  11. Elizabeth Travels

    Cool tips! I like party hostels from time to time, but I find Drunk people are often a lot less considerate.

    Also, if it's low season, I don't even book on hostel world and just show up in person at the hostel i researched because this way they don't have to pay the 20% (!) commission which I find ridiculously high.

  12. Sadie Martin

    check out: U 2 B Z O N E . C O M – Get more attention that you deserve :)