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Tips for Travel Photography

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  1. David Petrvalsky

    I love to travel and I can’t get enough tips for travel photography. Thanks
    for this Ashok

  2. 1717jbs

    Great presentation and info.

  3. Contempor Ad

    Great video. B&H You always pick the right and best person for your videos.
    Thank you for sharing it. Great guy Ashok Sinha and great images too.
    Specially the ones taken in Ecuador.

  4. igetsmart

    photographer and soccer fan – Yes ! – very nice video – and an instructor
    that has many good tips along with showing his work – thanks well done and
    thanks B&H for presenting him – He should be invited again for other
    classes – very helpful – so enjoyable presentation but also very practical

  5. B and H

    @Lepewhi I had bought a Canon G11 but ended up selling it. Now I’m testing
    the new Sony RX-100 and like what I see so far, but the jury is still out.
    Hope this is helpful – Ashok Sinha”

  6. heestenhats

    Bad audio

  7. TheW3icehands

    i dig this guy! i was really inspired, i had opportunities to travel and at
    the same time loved photography and now i think i’ve picked up a lot of
    info on travel photography…make it you own 🙂 thank you for this video.

  8. daveintokyo

    Thanks for great ideas and a great presentation. As for the comment below:
    when people can consistently get shots like yours, then they can yawn. Not
    before. That’s the way I see it.

  9. Lepewhi

    I really enjoyed this presentation. I travel mostly around Europe, but this
    gave me good tips on photographing people. I am interested to know what
    small camera you bought in the end.

  10. MonkeySpecs301

    Hi, what camera and primary lens were used in your photos? Great vid, thanks

  11. yinxzon

    yawn.. not impressed

  12. Marius B

    this is one of the better videos on B&H .. I look for theory first…and
    then commenting on photos and why they are pleasing.

  13. jumparts23

    i’m joining in the class tomorrow!

  14. Gromov Photography

    I’ve been following various photography blogs and forums for the last 3
    years, and this video was one of the very best. Ashok Sinha is very
    inspiring individual. Lots of great info provided. Thank you for sharing
    with us!

  15. BubblesPothowari

    Simple. Honest. No Fuss. The key lesson is focus on CONTENT.

  16. Svein Arne Grønnevik

    WOW! Thanks a lot for this inspiring and informative video! This is THE
    best “tutorial” about travel photography I ever have viewed! Keep up the
    good work!

  17. Houston Fowler

    how often do you get travel?

  18. Muna Hamid

    this is fantastic!! i understood everything he said cause of the way he
    explained it, it sounded like he was in my head, one of the best tutorials
    i have ever seen by far!!

  19. B and H

    @BillBinns , @arash107 , @alishamif , @crispiebone , @mrsebwallace Thank
    you so much for watching the B&H Photo YouTube Channel and for your
    participation. We are very pleased that you derive value from and find our
    presentations useful and informative.

  20. Supiripanto .

    If I understood well, when taking portraits, you exchange their image for a
    copy and also get a release form signed for the rights. Correct? …. But
    how do you send them, their picture, in those cases where e-mail or
    internet is out of their reach? (for example when visiting a small town in
    a far away country) Thanks for the great video.

  21. hamsterpoop

    Awesome! Great talk! I hope to put all of this to practice soon!

  22. kevinmsft

    I don’t know… the theory is nice, the talk is great… but the photos are
    very average.

  23. Alina Vinogradova

    thank you , very inspiring

  24. MarkNiceyard

    Great talk. Thank you very much for this one.

  25. mrsebwallace

    This video is so good. Thank you for uploading.