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Tips for Traveling with Kids and Our Summer Vacation Plans | TMV Talk Show | The Mom’s View

On this episode of The Mom’s View, the ladies discuss their summer vacation plans and their pro tips for traveling with kids. Our moms travel a lot and they want to give you all of their great advice. You don’t want to miss this light hearted episode!
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About The Mom’s View
Motherhood is tough. Between pregnancy symptoms, changing diapers, kissing boo-boos, breastfeeding, and cleaning, sometimes it is easy to lose your sanity. That’s where The Mom’s View comes in. Join our community of moms – Katilette of the Shaytards, CarlieStylez, HeyKayli, That Chick Angel TV, and their friends as they discuss every how to you will need to help with child rearing, how to deal with the terrible two, parenting tips and tricks, and everything in between. From pregnancy announcements, to pregnancy workouts, baby product reviews, baby hauls, maternity clothes to naptime, The Mom’s View has the perfect parenting tips you need make the lives of you, and your child, a little easier. The most important part of TMV is that we love to have fun! From our crazy antics to our Baby Swag rap videos, we promise to keep you entertained and informed.
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  1. Amanda Sanchez Reply

    I'm moving to Idaho this September ???????? from Texas….

  2. Gemma Bone Reply

    How are kaylie and Carlie related and is shay Carl related to them as well?

  3. Jackie N. Reply

    sharzards shirt ????????

  4. Jaclyn Davis Reply

    Oh my! I love those curtains! They would be perfect for my baby room I would love if you would share where they are from!

  5. lilly wahl Reply

    Can you do a episode on things baby's sitters should do and tips for babysitters

  6. livelaughlove090 Reply

    Great episode! You guys should bring Itsjudyslife on the show

  7. Myrtha Fondoit Reply

    Angel looks so beautiful OMGG;)) that color looks great on her too

  8. Linette Diaz Reply

    I Love all your videos!! they are awesome

  9. Cindy Keovilay Reply

    Sharzad you are always so funny. And you have the good looks. Lol. 

  10. Cindy Keovilay Reply

    Angel you are always lookin beautiful. You are always styling with different types of hair and ootd. ????

  11. Cindy Keovilay Reply

    Carlie is always so sweet and so nice to her necies and nephews.????????????????

  12. Cindy Keovilay Reply

    Collete is always having the best advice.????

  13. Cindy Keovilay Reply

    Kayli is always so sweet to her kids….. Just love kayli personality….????????

  14. AeroFix94 Reply

    the blonde on the far left…. Damn! ;)

  15. Meg S Reply

    Kayli, I'm the same way with my little man. I hate to leave him… the guilt is ridiculous.

  16. strawberry2233 Reply

    You are all so gorg!

  17. BeXcca Reply

    I love sharzad's baby voice lol always makes me smile 

  18. Gabby Pereira Reply

    Carlie's legs!!! omggg

  19. Olivia Nam Reply

    Btw, Angel, that dress girl? That's what I call A-MAZING!! Love you sm

  20. Olivia Nam Reply

    Can you do a video on where you talk about any traditions you did as a kid during the summer particularly and if you do them with your kids now, or if you started any new traditions, or even if you tweaked up some of those old traditions a bit. Ilysm crew!!

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