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TOKYO / JAPAN : Blu-ray “WORLD – CRUISE” #02

https://world-cruise2010.com/ ブルーレイ “WORLD – CRUISE” より


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  1. Владимир Саенко (Tahakaro)

    3.47 – What is this place?

  2. RamenKing

    3:12 A dense urban jungle just waiting to be explored 

  3. My Tokyo Paradise

    Japan is truly amazing.

  4. - mu

    I am a Japanese, but dislike Tokyo.
    A person, a person, a person, the person whom there is too much.
    Tokyo is incompatible with me of the countryman.
    the stifling atmosphere…

  5. LilRedRasta

    I have to pick b/n moving to tokyo and new york next . Obviously my heart is in tokyo, but it would be easier for me to get an accounting job in New York, I have a cheap living arrangement set up, and New York has a better variety of food and women. Other than that though, Tokyo obliterates New York.

  6. Jean PEPIN

    You have great talent but just 1 time DVD promotion was enough. Where's is the legendary japanese politeness? Sumimasen, ;)

  7. Ayame Yamina

    Thanks for uploading this video!!
    ありがとう <3

  8. SlipOutt

    If you're talking about the building from which it was taken, it is Roppongi Hills

  9. mack toch

    How nice it must be :/ 

  10. TitanJaeger

    All of this guy's videos (including this one) used to have millions of views…wtf happened?!!

  11. Ayzek Azimov

    Exellent !

  12. HomleandSecurity

    Sakura. No need for all caps.

  13. kevine dujapon

    contraculation, i go in tokyo in 1 week your video is very good quality and very bautiful!!!!!!!

  14. アブドルラフマン


  15. Phoenixkidd

    The sound is incredible really gives you a feeling of being there

  16. eBunny

    @ooohrob I didn't.

  17. bhanudej

    @shomo172 san.
    52nd floor of ROPPONGI HILLS ,MORI TOWER.

  18. Thomas Shomo

    Anyone know what building he's in at 3:10 ? 

  19. whatbeenaa

    some ninjas are in this video.

  20. _d_h_g

    Now I have to go back