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Tokyo Japan Travel Tips and Hacks! Top 11 things to make your trip smoother!

Tokyo Travel Tips and Hacks! Top 11 things to make your trip smoother! Please comment down below if you have any specific Tokyo, Japan or travel questions! I’d love to make another video talking about activities and specific hotels to stay in, more subway tips, etc.

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  1. So Cool Staff

    your spot on about the Shibuya excel hotel, stayed there 6 times and I love it and its perfect for the train.

  2. MagicRice

    100 000 yen per day holy shit dude you ball hard

  3. Maq Daff

    Guys! I made a movie about Tokyo! It's on my channel. Please, see it!

  4. Amish Pickles

    thank you very much for this video i'm in the starting process of planning a trip to japan and found this quite helpful

  5. GREEN 林, GREG 金山

    For your info, the other quick immigration thing is called Customs, the one where they check your passport is called Immigration. This is standard in most countries.
    About the cash withdrawal, I found that even small convenience stores like Family Mart (Similar to 7/11 in Hong Kong) accept all major credit cards and even some I've never heard of. They don't mind customers paying for small purchases with their credit cards (about 600-700 Japanese Yen). Gas stations, restaurants and department stores all accept credit cards, even car parks accept credit cards.
    You might consider adding information about car rentals as a considerable number of visitors to Japan prefer driving around on their own, especially if your going to head out of the city. I've used Times Car Rental (https://www.timescar-rental.com/campaign/0000005036/en/index.html) as well as Hertz. The vehicles that I rented had Japanese and English GPS installed, the GPS is super easy to use, either type in the destination or input the landline phone number of your destination. The GPS typically guides you to your destination with minimal hassle. Prepare some cash for tolls, a few toll booths accept Visa or MasterCard, not all.
    Have fun talking to the friendly people and exploring the beautiful nation of Japan.

  6. sacris j

    Hello! Id like to ask.. Do kids (4yr old)need to buy suico card? Or they can ride the train for free?

  7. myron kotaishi

    GREAT video, Very Helpful!!!
    I've been in Japan 11 times and what you tell is 10000000% True!
    Best regards from Greece!

  8. db2able

    I pretty much did what you said, minus the pocket wifi. Which I'll be getting this time, when I go back.
    Great job on the video. Very helpful hints for people that will be visiting Japan.

  9. Vanessa Sotelo

    can you please do a video about the currency for Japan I'm going to Tokyo in the next 2 months and I'm a little worried about buying stuff out there and not getting the correct amount of money back or giving them to much

  10. deardannielle

    Jesse, why do you prefer pocket wifi over sim card? I'm going to Japan on November alone :D, i just think that it would be rather handy if i use sim card. Will they allow tourist to buy sim card?

  11. Tee and Pee

    We love TOKYO! Check out our highlights of Tokyo on our channel!

  12. Bahamut0927

    So, I'm planning a trip to Japan, but I don't know the best way to move around as I want to visit at least three big cities. Would you be able to give me any advise as I saw a $600 like transit card for 2 weeks in any train to any destination, or maybe buying daily transport cards is better? Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanx in advance.

  13. Asnl45

    Great tips, we researched and ended up doing the same things, made all the difference ????????????

  14. Harleen Quinn

    this is awesome

  15. Delano Kamp

    what was the name of the app you used for itenerary?

  16. jthiesen99

    Great video with solid tips. Thanks!

  17. makeu2happy

    Many good tips. Thanks 🙂 I have about.9 weeks and my fligh start. I was change money already etc…

  18. louiseringsmose

    What a great advise you give Jesse!!
    I wanna go to Japan!! Never been, but definitely going … sometime? 😉
    Love, Louise.

  19. krusty604

    I would still like to see what do Jesse and Anna bring such as clothing, shoes, and make up?! 🙂 Me and my partner love going to Japan and I try to refer from your clips but it would be great if there was an actual explanation. Thanks!