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Top 10 Largest Cruise Ships in the World 2016

Top 10 Biggest Cruise Ships In The World 2016
World’s Largest Cruise Ships 2016
Top 10 Largest Ships in the World 2016
Largest Ships in the World 2016
Largest Cruise Ships 2016
Biggest Cruise Ships In The World 2016
Top 10 Biggest Cruise Ships 2016
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  1. JourneyWithJC Reply

    This won't load for me. Is brilliance of the seas on here?

  2. EliasPlays YT Reply

    harmony of the seas is bigger! im on the boat now

  3. DrSwag Games Reply

    FYI The Allure's new sister ship The Harmony of the Seas is 3ft longer and 9 meters wider than the allure of the seas HELLO

  4. anggara upadana Reply

    harmony is bigger?

  5. Rhomar Jhon Gorillo Reply

    technically speaking allure is the largest

  6. Rhomar Jhon Gorillo Reply

    oh they know that oasis is bigger because the picture is closer to the ship

  7. TurtleBeats Reply

    Guys 1. The Oasis of the Seas is not the larger ship here because if you didn't know the Allure of the Seas is about 2 centimeters longer because of measuring errors. Trust me I know i've been on the ship. 2. The number one largest ship will be the Harmony of the Seas. Notice I said ( Will ) I said will because it is still in the process of being built but it will be the largest when completed.

  8. Reynryl Balucan Reply

    men oasis is bigger

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