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Top 10 Reasons to Work for Disney Cruise Line!


Disney Cruise Line definitely has it’s perks, especially when you’re employed by them! I’ve narrowed down to the top 10 reasons why I enjoyed working for DCL.
Enjoy, and thank you @sofakingdone for requesting this video!

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  1. HeyItsKezz

    I would love to Apply for the Disney cruise line, however I'll only be 18 by the time I am planning to apply. Is there any specific age need to work on board…

  2. Lucy

    What job did you do? I'm planning on applying :)

  3. David Losengeli

    Great video especially talking about the positives. I join Dream in July I am excited. I was on Royal Caribbean before I did not like the experience because of the long contracts having to be on board for over seven months. I now get 3 months and three weeks on DCL pretty much 4 months I can handle that.. Do you still work for DCL?

  4. Torq MB

    i worked at Epcot in food n beverage for 1 year, loved the job in the restaurant, and ive worked in a restaurant in norway for about 8 months now. Lookingto appl for a job as a server at disney cruise lines later this year!

  5. Lovekesh Saini

    Heyy I want to know that can boys apply for youth activity councler…

  6. Got Nutrition

    hi, do you know anything about the fitness industry on cruise lines?

  7. Mike Christiaan

    disney is of the devil, it is a sin to work for them, if you must work on a ship, pick another cruise line.

  8. Steadfast Fishing

    you are extremely cute. i could listen to you talk for hours

  9. Janne Laanemaa

    Dream nah

  10. Janne Laanemaa

    Fatasy or more ?

  11. Milly Purvis

    What is the pay like? If you don't mind me asking, and how many months of the year are you away?

  12. Jiho Jung

    As a Canadian, if I were to apply for a cruise ship position, do I need to obtain a US working visa?

  13. alicia pizano

    Hi , I live in Arizona and just looking for a summer job. Do they offer summer programs to work there?

  14. Louise Cynberg Covers

    If I had a medical condition-eg. Diabetes , would you be able to work at DCL

  15. Dog whisperer05Aj

    I want to work on the dream

  16. gmend589

    Comments about yout british accent change to american accent its joke ok girl. I love all your videos.

  17. gmend589

    Please work in british company if you work on American company you need speak in American Accent practice all days the American accent to loose it the british accent ja ja ja thank you. British try the American accent in  videos on youtube.

  18. lil keystone

    Your accent >>>>

  19. Kathleen Fullerton

    really liked your video thanks for posting

  20. Christa Mills

    I'm going on another cruise in December and if will be my 4th Disney I love it