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Backpacking solo for the first time can be an extremely daunting thought but here are my top 10 tips to help you out!
MORE BACKPACKING TIPS? – https://youtu.be/HCBs_8SBnSE
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If you want to ask me a quick question, best catch me on Twitter or Instagram. If you have a more detailed question that you think is relatable to others and would be good for me to make an entire video about, drop me an email with the subject ‘YOUTUBE VIDEO SUGGESTION’. Unfortunately my schedule is incredibly hectic at the moment so I am unable to answer long questions specific to just one person 🙁
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I’m not a travel expert or have any kind of qualification in giving travel advice. I’m just a girl who loves to travel and am answering the questions I have received in the past about my travels. The answers given are all my personal opinions. (but I like to think that’s what makes these videos a little better – advice from personal experience rather than text book answers)

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  1. Venom Symbiote Reply

    How much did you spend in the 3 months you were in australia?

  2. Brittany Jordan Reply

    In a few weeks i leave to go backpacking around europe for 7 months solo! I'm going to be Vlogging it if anyone is interested in following along… However, this video is a life saver! x

  3. Amie Maclachlan Reply

    RU Emily's Rainbow's cousin?

  4. Adam Cornejo Reply

    hi I'm going in march to Philippines and to Vietnam Laos Cambodia Thailand Malaysia Singapore and bali and i was thinking of taking 5 grand is that enough if i budget myself good…for about 3 months

  5. Aquamarine Lee Reply

    Thanks for sharing! You are beautiful :)

  6. Nina in paradise Reply

    Such an inspirational Video! I'll check some flights:) Thank you!

  7. Laura Pierson Reply

    Would you suggest a solo backpacking trip as my first backpacking trip?

  8. China Icons Reply

    Great tips!

  9. F RD Reply

    Great vid. I guess my main concern about going solo is maybe the age of most travellers, I really wanted to go when I was 21 but I got offered a job I couldn't really turn down, I'm never t nearly 27 and still thinking I really want to go! But my concern is if everyone in the hostels are gonna be like 18 :/

  10. DreamSh0t92 Reply

    is 19 too young for solo backpacking? im considering doing it

  11. Sami CherkessAl-Rikabi Reply

    Thank you so much for these tips. I am about to start my Solo Travel experience and this was pretty inspiring!

  12. Keyvan Fares Reply

    Great video 🙂
    Im planning a solo trip myself in the future, so good to see all these great tips all over :)

  13. benstephenn Reply

    would you be able to answer; did you always travel with friends you met at hostels or did you travel alone at times? I'm interested in doing this but anxious about making friends

  14. Jym Bocala Reply

    Thank you for this video! In a couple weeks ill be solo travelling Vietnam and this video has definitely helped calm my nerves haha! :D

  15. IraG0427 Reply

    Thank you for your tips! i love your videos specially those packing videos. Ive always wanted to travel and also maybe try it solo.

  16. Genki Miyagawa Reply

    Your tips are very practical and useful!! I'll share this video with my people.

  17. Storm Tr00per Reply

    well im an introvert so definitely not gonna meet new people

  18. Mikayla Dillenburg Reply

    Im traveling to Panama solo at the end of the month! I have been feeling so excited but also nervous too and your videos have been so helpful, inspiring, and have eased my nerves! Thank you so much! <3

  19. Steve Klimentos Reply

    You are so sweat and helpful,love Louisa

  20. char29xx Reply

    hey, how did you learn the basic spanish before you went? did you do a course?

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