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Top 10 Travel Apps

Because Apps help your travel experience times a gazillion, I wanted to share my top 10 Travel Apps with you! These 10 Apps were unbelievably helpful as I was traveling around the world by ship for four months.

Make sure you download these Apps BEFORE you jet/sail off on your next trip because, let me tell you, the struggle to find WiFi is real.

1. Currency Converter. This App is especially helpful if you’re going to be jumping around from country to country. It’s very important to have a clear understanding of what things cost in your native currency (particularly if you plan on shopping/bargaining). The best part? It works WITHOUT needing a WiFi connection.

2. Unit Converter. This is for all of you other USA citizens out there. Most of the world uses these weird things like kilometers and Celsius etc. In order to have an accurate understanding of what the temperature will be or how far away something is, you can reference your unit converter. It can really come in handy. It also works without having to be connected to WiFi.

3. Google Translate. This WILL NOT allow you to have an extensive conversation with someone. However, by combining your unique pantomiming skills and few words referenced by this App you can find your way around in just about any country. The bad part – you need a WiFi connection.

4. What’s App. This App is amazing because you can call and text, even group text, all through the use of a WiFi connection. If you don’t want to shell out the dough for an international data plan, this App is a wonderful go to. However, the negatives are: 1) You need an internet connection; and 2) Other people have to have the App to communicate back to you.

5. Viber is another App very similar to What’s App in that you can call and text through the use of a WiFi connection. The negatives are the same – you need a WiFi connection and the person on the other end must have the App as well.

6. City Mapper! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this App. It utilizes every form of transportation in a city, including the buses, subways, bike paths, and taxis or Uber. It’s very easy to understand and is by far the cheapest way to get around a foreign city. I felt like a true Londoner navigating my way around the city. You do need to have a WiFi connection to get the information. What you can do is go find WiFi (at Starbucks or McDonalds, which have taken over the world), map out your route, and take screen shots. Done. You’ll get from point A to B in no time. Sadly, there are not a lot of cities in which this App can be used.

7. Uber. By far the cheapest way to get around by car. In England especially it’s A LOT cheaper to take Uber than a taxi.

8. Airbnb. My “go to” for cheap accommodations. This App/website is remarkable. Essentially you look up a room to rent (or even an entire apartment) from a person who has listed their space on the website. What I love about Airbnb is the reviews you can look over so it takes the sketchiness out of it. It is a great way to meet amazing people and stay in wonderful places at a reasonable price. Staying in someone’s home is my favorite way to travel!

9. Hostel World. Another great choice for cheap accommodations. Hostels are like cheaper versions of hotels. Hostel World is a great App where you can look up hundreds of choices for hostels and pick out the type of hostel you’d be comfortable with that is within your budget. Staying in hostels is a great way to meet like-minded people and discover cool new places on a budget.

10. Expedia/Ryanair. Expedia is my “go to” App for cheap flights in the USA. In Europe, I use Ryanair because it is extraordinarily cheap! Make sure you check out both these Apps when looking for the best flights.

Those are my Top 10 Travel Apps! I hope they help you on your next adventure. Let me know about any Apps that you use to travel and I’d love to incorporate them into my next trip!

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  5. adventures in wanderlust

    Great video! I use a lot of these apps myself, and I will definitely be checking out the ones I hadn't heard of. This may seem like a random question, but what advice would you give to a beginner travel vlogger? I'm currently working on redesigning my channel and getting back to making youtube videos. I already have several travel vlogs from when I went to Italy and Greece last Spring, however I'm struggling to come up with content to create while I'm not traveling. Thanks for the advice in advance!

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    It was cool watching this video of you where your accent changes sometimes to an australian twang.

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    Yay great video! Other good travel apps: Yelp/Foursquare to check out places to go, where to eat, etc… FlightAware is a good flight tracker app too!

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    Trip advisor is also good

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