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Top 10 World Travel Destinations

The world is packed with fabulous places to visit and TripAdvisor has calculated which ones are the most highly regarded.

The world is packed with fabulous places to visit and TripAdvisor has calculated which ones are the most highly regarded by using a combination of reviews on hotels, attractions and restaurants. 

Here are the top 10 destinations. 

Number 1. Marrakesh, Morocco. The North African city is filled with breathtaking mosques, gardens, and bazaars.

Number 2. Siem Reap, Cambodia. Angkor Wat is certainly a must-see, as is the Cambodian Cultural Village. 

Number 3. Istanbul, Turkey. There are plenty of Turkish baths, but palaces and dazzling architecture are also in lush supply. 

Number 4. Hanoi, Vietnam. Surrounding its beautiful historic quarters is a thoroughly modern urban landscape.

Number 5. Prague, Czech Republic. Bar hoppers have numerous options here, including many clubs located underground.

Number 6. London, England. The city is a perennial favorite for its palaces, jewels, museums, and ales. 

Number 7. Rome, Italy. It offers far more art, architecture, and fabulous food than can be experienced in a short time – possibly even in a lifetime. 

Number 8. Buenos Aires, Argentina. Romantic restaurants and a lively local culture keep tourists flocking to this destination. 

Number 9. Paris, France. From cathedrals to burlesque shows, the French capital certainly has something for everyone. 

Number 10. Cape Town, South Africa. Beautiful beaches, nature preserves, and breathtaking views are among the city’s many notable attractions.
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  1. Sesese Masondo

    Cape Town is amazing, I have to travel to the other places they too sound great

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    Marrakech is N1 so good ? if someone help in Marrakech or in old morocco you are welcome , you can contact RAMLIA TOURS

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    Love Prgaue. Such a beautiful place. Reminds me of the movie shot there… The Presidents daughter ;)

  4. Prabin Ghimiray

    I am surprised.. Nepal is not there.. U really know nothing..

  5. luciano casanova

    This list is BullShit. When Africa has ebola problems and Britain is considered to be a sexist country? That being said this is a not a comment to support an option of an American city just saying.

  6. Tosh T

    TripAdvisor is truly fantastic for many things. Ranking the world's great travel destinations apparently is not one of them.

  7. 43mrssimba

    Prague. ''Un coup de coeur'' for this Beautiful City***

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    England sucks

  9. Tianaism

    Nature preserves? As in jams? And what exactly is lush supply?

  10. Alf-Ole Arntsen

    Lofoten – Norway?

  11. Cesar Seabra

    The video started with Rio landscape, not that I think that Rio should be in the (even I am brazilian) but I thing that Buenos Aires is so overrated, about the rest, I could not agree more. Nice vid! 

  12. TokyoSilver

    PLZ dont miss tokyo will you!

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    Really? I'm surprised India not there 

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    What's your all-time favorite travel destination?

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