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Top 20 Destinations for travel in 2015

Top Travel Destinations for 2015

1. London                                    Hotels in London
2. Dubai                                       Hotels in Dubai
3. Sydney                                     Hotels in Sydney
4. Melbourne                             Hotels in Melbourne
5. New York City                      Hotels in New York City
6. Tokyo                                      Hotels in Tokyo
7. Bangkok                                 Hotels in Bangkok
8. Paris                                        Hotels in Paris
9. Osaka                                      Hotels in Osaka
10. Gold Coast                          Hotels in Gold Coast
11. Hong Kong                          Hotels in Hong Kong
12. Las Vegas                            Hotels in Las Vegas
13. Seoul                                     Hotels in Seoul
14. Taipei City                           Hotels in Taipei City
15. Barcelona                            Hotels in Barcelona
16. Rome                                    Hotels in Rome
17. Amsterdam                        Hotels in Amsterdam
18. Singapore                           Hotels in Singapore
19. Honolulu                            Hotels in Honolulu
20. Istanbul                             Hotels in Istanbul

Are you taking a City break or travel vacation to any of these destinations this year?

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