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Top 5 Holiday Travel Security Tips!

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  1. Michael W

    As someone who’s been watching Hak5 for a while now – Shannon gets my stamp
    of approval. 

  2. Drumerpunk1

    I miss the other girl.

  3. Christopher C

    You guys are F’d! “New Girl”, Shannon, is awesome!

  4. Joshua Allan-Sloper

    Use free wifi all you want, just set up a VPN server at home and use it to
    piggy back all your surfing 

  5. Doclorian Rin

    Shannon’s BEEN on this channel as well as hak5. you all shut the hell up.

  6. trumpeter811

    She said she doesnt say where shes going but she says where her mom lives
    Great way to follow your own advice

  7. stanley lauture

    Helpful tips for the holiday & any other times!

  8. Antonio Cancel

    #security #safetytips #personalinformation #tips 

  9. Wesley Deland

    Shannon definitely is not new to rev3

  10. Daniel Pettersen

    What happened to threat wire!!!

  11. Jonathan Jones
  12. 99h19

    google : let me own the youtube
    Youtube : why?
    google : so i can fuck it up all the way
    youtube : :(

  13. Cash Shew

    That Acer looks sleek

  14. R26Roman

    Sorry but she is just not doing it

  15. kingdanglerbk


  16. Jason C.

    Get a P.O. box and post that for your address. People can still send you
    mail but not know where you physically are.

  17. ig33ku

    I see someone jump shows!!! lol. At least for now… Hak5 needs to up their
    security against ship jumpers :)

  18. PvtPapa

    Yeeeah… I don’t have data so I’m just going to continue on the free WiFi