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There are fear-based questions I get asked about being a woman traveling India.Here’s top 5 India Travel Tips for Surviving Indian Culture (and surviving your travel questions about it) .:) https://grrrltraveler.com/countries/asia/india-asia/top-5-travel-tips-for-india-surviving-indian-culture/

Part 2 of Travel Tips for India where I share tips on trip planning for India! I’ll break it down in a simple way! Read: https://grrrltraveler.com/countries/asia/india-asia/planning-a-trip-to-india-things-you-should-know/

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  1. Uday Rathod

    Most of the part is right but not complete, but thats acceptable as you being foreigner and had limited time to explore India you have came up with some wonderful observation and most of it is true

  2. Hrishabh Divya

    I am sorry to say but but It was OK till you said that bad people are every where the point you started labelling India accordingly with orange colour … that is like a comparison

  3. Rosie Segal

    OK this is the third video I watched from your channel and the only conclusion I have to make is that
    I love you. alot. your personality your energy your thoughts your face
    just gives me so much courage to fulfill my dreams of travel thank you ❤

  4. Aman Shrivastava

    india is big country with big population..yes its true that there r lot of poor peoplebut the rich people in india is also a lot in no. and middle class r also in huge no..

  5. Diksha Ar

    Nice Video Girl… I am from India and i know these issues but still you will find some good things. If any one need any help … Just message me


  6. Sumira Bhatia

    +Vageesh Gaur It is easy for you to be deeply hurt but you are not a woman in India and you haven't had your ass grabbed or your boob grabbed or stared at from top bottom front back. I think the video has been put in a VERY positive way with SPECIAL reference to the fact that EVERY country has good and bad people. I am an Indian and I feel the same about India as well. Imagine the culture shock you would feel if you came from a cleaner (yes! a LOT of countries are a LOT cleaner and less chaotic than India) were to suddenly come and witness the mayhem here. I mean how often as an INDIAN yourself have sweared at someone for driving rash? There are problems that we need to accept and be responsible and not blame others for defaming our country. ESPECIALLY if they are being honest and really positive about it.

  7. ozdoits

    What love & authentic beauty shines through your photos & portraits!

  8. ozdoits

    Great video! Clear & informative, all while being heart-centered & kind.

  9. Jakob Lust

    I have to disagree with you on the allergies. Delhi is so full of trees I saw the city through a haze of tears

  10. videoloops1

    Great video! Keep them coming 😉
    P.S: you're beautiful!

  11. Ravi Sharma


  12. Tanuj Mittal

    The allergy thing seems to be 100% true. I live in poland and I have all kinds of allergies, where in India its dusty and stuff but I did not encounter anything allergic.


    Lovely video. Visit North-Eastern India. No less than Alaska, if not better. *Unlike Alaska, North-East India is 365 Days beautiful.

  14. Desi Dhaba

    Most conservative view about India. Did you even visit Delhi, Mumbai or Goa? What your saying is correct for only rural states of India but not urban cities.

  15. Ankit Singh

    Firstly, as an Indian I am extremely sorry for everything you suffered from eve teasing to sexual assault. Secondly, It's worth appreciating how you are helping Non-Indians to be safe n enjoy being in India. Thirdly, India is a big n populous country so it may take time bt it will be a way better place than today.

  16. Edison Manuel

    You nailed it….was very honest and true. You know what they say…some people just got to be A-holes. By the way I'm sorry for your bad experiences in our country. But things are changing slowly but surely.

  17. Pabitra Mahapatra

    u r right ………..seriously these are most common problem here except dress code…..u can wear whatever u want (oviously not tooooooooo short)…people will comment….bt u just have to ignore them….thanks

  18. Yash Reddy

    u seriously need to come to bangalore ur whole prespective will change

  19. Katyayini Mishra

    you nailed it, as an Indian, these r the most important things to know ????

  20. Jose Christy

    I hope you would be more than happy to visit the "Incredible India" again!