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Top Tips For Hire Car rental in Florida USA

Here are my top tips for renting your car in Florida USA. If you don’t prepare well for this you will end up buying things you dont need, or waste your holiday money. Many tolls in Florida are unmanned now and are camera controlled like the London congestion charge or the Dartford crossing. You need to arrange automatic prepayment for tolls before you collect you car at the airport. Check tires are ok, and that you have a spare and jack. Buy a satnav before you travel and sell when you get home. renting a satnav will cost more than buying one. You will need one if only to help with speed limits etc. NEW LAW you can not pass emergency vehicles on the hard shoulder, you move out and leave alane spare between you and the emergency vehicle. Almost all cars even big jeep re petrol only !! Send me a message if you need any other help – Paul

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