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Tour of the world’s most luxurious cruise ship the Oasis of the Seas

Tour of the world's most luxurious cruise ship the Oasis of the Seas

One of the most luxurious cruise ships in the world is the MS Oasis of the Seas. This enormous vessel is an Oasis class cruise line and is one of the best luxury cruise lines in the Royal Caribbean International fleet.
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  1. Jason Hunter Reply

    I never understood this. Being trapped on a god damn boat in the middle of the god damn ocean. There's only so much you could do on the area reserved for things to do. I would go absolutely bananas. I am facinated, though;)

  2. aquacat8 Reply

    IMHO, this would feel like being trapped on a floating mall/amusement park/casino. It's too crowded, too noisy, too tacky for my tastes…thanks, but no thanks. To each their own…

  3. Paul Thomas Añasco Reply

    its amazing

  4. John Smith Reply

    Certainly not the most luxiouris ship…very nice vacation for the middle class.

  5. Anish Kumar Reply

    looking for this video

  6. Anish Kumar Reply

    looking for very good video

  7. Anish Kumar Reply

    looking for very good video

  8. corneille bora Reply

    Innovation française.

  9. Volkan Degermenci Reply

    im going in a cruise ship today :D

  10. mrsad free Reply

    waoo.. very nice, I like it .

  11. John Elliott Reply

    Look like " City on ship "……… Bit of strange !!!

  12. Done. Reply

    I remember when they came to my collage and told us about this and then the price. Like srsly _' not the most optic place to go if you want ppl to get on that ship!

  13. rekha saggii Reply

    do admire it but tooooo materialistic….just take seconds in God's hands

  14. Alen Kevric Reply


  15. Malikzijnvlogs Arr Games Reply

    now he is in rotterdam

  16. Roberto Lameck Reply

    Realmente esplendor, uma obra de arte sob as águas. Inspira mais conhecimentos de como pode uma obra se tornar tão bela. É sem duvidas estudar é maravilhoso.

  17. Jake Fitzpatrick Reply

    Hey I have a question. During the start of the video, I heard A LOT of music echoing through the shops and pool deck. Does that music play all the time or do they turn it down/off? Amazing ship though. I want to go on it.

  18. JOHAN HAN Reply

    indonesia kapan punya kapal persial kyk luar negeri ini

  19. molly douglas Reply

    it was nice and big

  20. 黃仁澄 Reply


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