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Im flying to Australia on the 25th and the flight is going to be very long so I thought I would share my air travel tips with you guys.

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    im 13 and my flight to tampa florida by myself and my flight is the 23 of july 2016 in 2 weeks im kinda nervous

  3. Mario Michel

    You should re-title this "What airplanes are, and how to use them". It would help anyone who just got here from another planet, or has been living in a cave for the past 100 years.

  4. Jacob G

    0:48 someone tried to do it, look it up it was some extremest

  5. Random Outbursts

    Going to Europe ❤️

  6. chyo mama

    this may sound inapropriate, but what if I get horny and really want to fap?

  7. Marcia Ricksgers

    The solid antiperspirant you show doesn't need to go in your 3-1-1 bag. Also, liquids need to be 100mls or less, which is equivalent to 3.4oz.

  8. erika crawford

    Hi have you tried taking anything for your motion sickness. I flew last year and every time we landed I through up. which was a little embarrassing. Can you recommend anything??

  9. Eliza Tarte

    In Australia we don't have to take our shoes off

  10. Onthe MarketStyle

    Loved watching this! You really helped me hah but ur hilarious!

  11. XxVicissitudexX

    I don't think people should be allowed to get bumped up to First class, unless it is absolutely necessary (e.g.; your seat is broken or double-booked for some reason)
    The people sitting in First and Business class pay thousands of dollars for those seats (usually around 7-10 times more than economy tickets) and the last thing they want to see is some 18 year old kid who payed for a 200$ ticket get bumped up into one of their seats.

  12. fransco frans

    thank youu i'm flight to florida for a couple hours

  13. nono13

    This video was so useful! Thank you! :)

  14. Lauren Goseine

    I would just like to clear up the fact that it doesn't matter what you dress like, if you're a frequent flyer of that airline, membership member, credit card holder, or whatever with the airline they will bump you up to first class so long as they have the room and you have the leverage. You could be dressed in a paper bag. They don't care. They'll bump you. Further more, when you said "they like to keep first class classy, so dress nicely," yeah that isn't true at all. I have flown first class many times, especially on long haul flights where my hair is in a pony tail, I'm wearing no makeup, and I change into my own PJs and slippers on board. No one cares what you dress like in first class honey.

  15. Beth W

    Good ideas, thank you

  16. Denise Pistey

    Don't forget to bring on the plane with you your medicines and prescriptions.

  17. Akesha Jules

    Yes I am about 11 and my mother always says we need to have gum one time I really did not have gum my ears hurt and it makes you want to cry and when I got in the other county my ears where filled up and I just wanted to make it pop yeah you need to get gum on a plane you need to need to thanks for reading was it interesting

  18. Akesha Jules

    Thanks this is so helpful I do most of the things do with the shoes and jacket I am only half way though tho got to get back to the video so interesting

  19. Mansanittaa

    did anyone yawn when she said yawn on the airplane? lol

  20. Zara Nevin

    I'm going to salou in 1 hour #exited????????????