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Travel around the World in 6 minutes Road Trip 5 Continents

Road Trip around the World in 6 Minutes.
Includes scenes from United Stades, Brazil, Spain, Singapore, China, Malaysia, Australia ( 5 Continents )
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  1. kyle5555 Reply

    So cool, man. Great video!

  2. Mustafa Hashem Reply

    Awesome video.. From Iraq ????????

  3. Anass Aladgham Reply

    nice video Mohamed !
    This is my dream but I don't have enough money to do this : (

  4. Sam's somewhere Reply

    I'm so impressed by your seats for NYE in Sydney! HAHA It's so crowded by the bay for the fireworks!

  5. GemGem Reply

    TRAVEL GOALS! love the video! i also make travel videos, if anyone would like to watch them it would mean the world and be sure to hit the like and subscribe button 🙂 ps keep up the great work!

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  7. Quang Ninh_Travel Reply

    I Subbed for your channel. Sub me back please

  8. RicardoAndrePt Reply

    Great video e great message to show your experiences here, continue the great job and living right ;D

  9. REI DAN Reply

    so awesome!!! Thank you for letting us see what you experienced. I only could do the drawing version of ur trip… I just wish i could do this someday!!

  10. Simo Benlemlih Reply

    Please 1:36 at Kuala Lumpur which Hotel is it ?

  11. mark kelly Reply

    you lucky lucky basta*d's ,congrats….

  12. MissyTheDog Reply

    Wonderful video, hope you enjoyed the trip.
    Can you please tell me some ways you saved up to travel the world

  13. wexplore Reply

    Perfectly describes why we love travelling! Can´t wait for summer:)
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  14. donny Reply

    make more travelling vlogs man awsum ;)

  15. Deyla Gracia Reply

    Do you have instagram?

  16. Collect Moments Reply

    great video mohamed !! Subbed 🙂
    Would be awesome if you check out our travel channel too

  17. notonly travel Reply

    hey nice video man !! . i would rate this video as 7.5. because the music isnt really match with the video. ( no hurt feelings bro ) this is my support for ur channel. .
    check also my channel i make travelling videos and give my videos a rate from 1 – 10

  18. whyNot K Reply

    What is this song?

  19. Jules Van Dyck Reply

    This video is truly amazing!

  20. Jules Van Dyck Reply

    Check out my latest video with my GoPro, My Year 2015. Many ours editing behind it????????diving, cliff jumping, snorkeling, sailing, canyoning, rollercoasters, football skills, mountain climbing etc✈️???????????? If you want to give me a feedback, I would be very happy ;)

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