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  1. JC_ Playz_Mc Reply

    the Dream and Fantasy are 14 tall

  2. JC_ Playz_Mc Reply

    its not 14 stories tall its 11 stories tall

  3. Mary Ann Blair Reply

    No! The Disney boat with Mickey Mouse with the yellow bow tie?

  4. Mary Ann Blair Reply

    No! The Disney Boat with the Mickey Mouse symbol on it?

  5. Mindstorms14 Reply

    anyone know what year this is from????

  6. Delink 115 Reply

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  7. Fritids Tur Reply

    is Magic country of adventure;)

  8. Mary Ann Blair Reply

    What is the boat name with Mickey Mouse with the bow tie?

  9. TheNancyc1 Reply

    When was this made?

  10. karins zaldivar Reply

    Que padre

  11. Kloe Gilliam Reply

    who else thought that was like poo or diarrhea in the pool

  12. Lin Paraoan (disneylin) Reply

    What year was this aired?

  13. Blue Graal Reply

    63 more days woot woot!!!! I'm going on magic for my first time!!

  14. kat 9242 Reply


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