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These are some FREE and very inexpensive ways to get accommodation abroad. I have profiles on all/ have applied to all the programs I have mentioned minus wwoof.net. I would definitely be interested in doing it one day! 😀 If you have any further questions definitely leave them in the comment section below.

AuPairWorld | My AuPair Experience + Advice: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OVtR9vsk-N0

Here are all the links to the websites I mention:
AuPairWorld: https://www.aupairworld.com
Couchsurfing: https://www.couchsurfing.com
WWOOF: https://www.wwoof.net
ACLE: https://www.acle.org
GreenheartTravel: https://greenhearttravel.org
AirBnB: https://www.airbnb.com
HostelWorld: https://www.hostelworld.com

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  1. Heather Porter

    Hey Sasha, great video. I was wondering to be an aupair don't most countries require visas? or does it depend how long you stay for? Also did you get one? Thanks!

  2. YB reformed

    I just love how informative your videos are and you get straight to it. I barely press play and you done laid out 6 tips and seventeen strategies for success. Yes! Thank you for all this great advice

  3. MiyaSamaCo

    I want to get back to traveling again soon. I used to be stationed in Europe but am planning to move to Scotland. I love watching your videos.

  4. Aliya Kuantayeva

    Such a wonderful channel, and tips are very helpful! Thank you , move on !

  5. PrettyRabbit

    Hey Sasha, do you do your own hair throughout your travels?

  6. Morela Doce

    para mi,eres agradable…y bella tambien,claro.when are you coming to south america?we wanna know your view about these countries.bye sasha.

  7. Hajat lomanova

    who the hell could have disliked this video?! it's so informative, thank you!!

  8. Alex Kelly

    Thank you!!

  9. Gabriel Gomez

    I have a question about au pair….. you mentioned that as an pair you do not pay anything other than travel cost so what's the catch ? Who pays the hosting family ? ( Sorry for the question as I know I can research on their website but just want to hear you feedback ) Thanks.

  10. Michael Walch

    You are amazing!! Thank you!

  11. Paul Sullivan

    You're such an inspiration! I'm just getting into the nomadic lifestyle and your videos are so helpful/motivating! Maybe a video like this one for Korea/Asia?

  12. I only Feel

    When you used ACLE, what city did you go to??

  13. David Cipriano

    I feel like I need this now. I'm currently a college student and I want to go to Europe so bad!!!! Italy!

  14. Jessica Marie

    I adore you! Thank you for sharing!!!

  15. Laura Garcia

    Do I need any form of degree for any of these sites? Can I just know a language and become an aupair or ..?

  16. Joshua W.

    Do you know of any programs that would allow me to teach English in France for the Summer?

  17. Ryan Kelley

    I really love your videos! Thank you so much.

  18. Sirron Watson

    This is awesome! I love this channel so much, and keep up the good work????

  19. Miss Tana

    I was thinking about traveling in the US in this summer for a month. But I also want to work over there, like a summer job. Do you think that I can look for a job and make a "couchsurfing"? or have you any idea about it?
    I've actually been on the wwoofing site but I can't find where they talk about payments and being an aupair is my last resort ^_^ I really find that this couchsurfing is very intersting.
    PS: sorry for my english, I speak French actually (^_^)

  20. danijanimi

    Damn!! where were you 5 years ago…wen i didnt have kids!!! sheesh youre awesome!!