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Travel Hair, Make-up, Outfits + How to Pack!

Hey dollz! We figured since it’s the end of March that a lot of you are traveling for Spring Break, so we wanted to help you out with traveling! In this video we show you how to do two cute and easy hairstyles, a quick make up look to do while traveling, and two outfit ideas where you can look cute while staying comfortable! Last but not least, we show you guys how we pack! Hope this helps! THUMBS UP if you liked!! 🙂

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Spring Break! DIY Cover-ups, 4 Bikini Ideas + What to Bring: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mqUAF5kSExc&list=UUuVHOs0H5hvAHGr8O4yIBNQ&index=2

We were so lucky to be able to partner with Sephora for this video! AAAH. We specifically used our fav brand from, Kat Von D. Links to the products we used in the video:
Shade+Light Contour Palette
Shade+Light Contour brush
Lock-it foundation & concealer
Immortal Lash
Studded Kiss  
Everlasting Liquid Lip

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