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Travel Packing Organisation Tips

Travel packing organisation tips. I recently packed my bag to travel & thought I would share the way I pack & organise my suitcase. My fave tip is using zip lock bags to organize all my toiletries & loose items. Thumbs up for travel organisation.

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  1. Emily Munroe Reply

    I subscribed to you as soon I saw you had organization videos. I live for these & I love every video you have so far!

  2. youtube Nr Reply

    Travel makeup kit please!!! ????

  3. Abbie Caldow Reply

    Amazing !!xD

  4. Caitlin Morrison Reply

    Love your hair ????

  5. danny collingwood Reply

    You are really gorgeous miss…Nice video and tips..Good job

  6. Mai Hoang Reply

    I personally think rolling your clothes saves more space than folding just an opinion

  7. Rachel Jones Reply

    This was so helpful! I have a big trip to Florida in August (eek) and it's been bugging me how to organise. Thanks. And yes, would love to see the makeup for travel xx

  8. Another Music Addict Reply

    You are looking so good ????

  9. _TurkeySwag_ Reply

    where is that suitcase from? it's really nice

  10. Hannah Jasri Reply

    I am leaving this Friday for a school camp.. these are really great tips for me as I am not good at packing things.. #nooffense ????

  11. hanna backus Reply

    If you want to take yourself seriously and have others take you seriously please spell check. It's more professional.

  12. Sydney VanDis Reply


  13. Mia Beth Reply

    this is really helpful! love your new hair sm ????

  14. Monique Calabro Reply

    I pack an overnight bag weekly when I travel for work. Its something you just learn to get good at! I just upgraded my case and its actually smaller now and I still can fit the same amount of stuff in it. including my macbook pro and two changes of clothes work attire and make up and shoes for work etc. not overpacking is great!

  15. Michelle Hernandez Reply

    very helpful, I think I'll save this for when I travel. THANKS!

  16. XXJamie XX Reply

    Pls do a make up essentials video!!!

  17. Christian Bautista Reply

    No worries. Still a loyal subscriber. By the way—-like everyone rule is saying: your hair is looking good. ????????

  18. Christian Bautista Reply

    Organization not organization…????????

  19. StyleMeChummy Reply

    This is so helpful!!

  20. Rachel Hansen Reply

    Please make a video of your travel makeup bag! I'm going on a trip soon so that would be super helpful :)

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