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Travel Photography Tips with Becky Higgins

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  1. Vanessa Chan Reply

    Very good idea! I love how you explain how you take pics when travel. Very
    useful information.
    Thank you!

  2. Eveline van Heijst Reply

    These are great tips. Thank you.

  3. Jules Aviles Reply

    Thanks Becky! I do a lot of these things even when traveling 3 hours away
    to places I’ve visited before and seem to always find something new! Love
    doing the camera on the ground to capture a scene or moment from that
    level! Thank you for sharing! Hope you’re having fun!! :)

  4. Julia Källén Reply

    WOW! really great tips, not just for travelling but taking pictures in
    generally. Thank you so much for shearing! 

  5. Jannette C Reply

    Thanks a lot! Love the tips and implementing some right now on a mini
    vacation near home, to a very beautiful place , Old San Juan in Puerto

  6. weebmonster Reply

    Awesome tips! I love pocketed scrapbooking!

  7. lml ingb Reply

    Great video. I’d love to see more phone photography ideas!

  8. raeraesma Reply

    Awesome video, Becky! Thank you for sharing. Take care, Kim :)

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