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Travel the World with a Drone -the world is amazing-

Travel the World with a Drone   -the world is amazing-

I travel around the world with a drone about 1year.
I shot footage pyramids, Sahara, Florence, Cappadocia,Uyuni, New York…and so on
It was so heavy and tiring to travel with a drone. but I could see amazing view Ive never seen and make my travel exciting.
These are good memories and experience.

This song is
Something Beautiful by Tim Halperin

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※Please be careful of using drones all over the world. After terrorism of Paris, regulation of drone is getting strict day by day
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  1. Volkan İşlek Reply

    Amazing, places, amazing video.

  2. Jorge Alcocer Reply

    AMAZING and thanks for sharing!

  3. 北原ミチェ Reply


  4. ErvynKhan (YLM) Reply

    This video show us How our Earth is beautiful. Thank you man you should have more views!

  5. hassan oukik Reply

    my dream .. right there 🙂 thanks for sharing man <3

  6. Youssef KH Reply

    lovely :)

  7. Karen Beth Reply

    awesome footage

  8. Mika Arakaki Reply

    I enjoyed the video and see the world you traveled through your eyes (drone). I, myself, traveler more than half of my life, but always for business and seeing your video made me realize that I am missing THE LIFE! Thank you! I will treasure my life and take more time to enjoy and feel and live the life where I travel.

  9. Nazar Hembara Reply

    Awesome video! Keep doing that!

  10. Collect Moments Reply

    Awesome Video !! I just decided to get a drone for our channel because of your great work

  11. UP DRONES Reply

    you are the best drone man in the world.well done!!! if you come to greece athens i want to meet you.



  13. Capt Eric “WeBeYachting” Bergeron Reply

    Enjoyed this video, thumbs up. Cheers from sunny Sint Maarten

  14. Delightful Travellers Reply

    Cool channel. Well done! We truly enjoyed it.

  15. June Wang Reply

    It's really touching heart. Thank you for bring us too see something beautiful.

  16. jeremy914 Reply

    great video ! i have a question .. Did you have any troubles with police when you were flying over cities ?

  17. Jonathation - sharing world's greatest places Reply

    Wow, this is spectacular! Well d(r)one! 🙂 Which kind of drone and camera did you use?

  18. Izumi Seiya Reply


  19. Huggy Drone Reply

    nice one

  20. My Drone Journey Reply

    Gami, I have been waiting for this video! well done and im sure you have hundreds of hours of footage to keep this channel of yours growing. Great Job. will email you soon. Big thumbs up from me

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