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  1. Nhat Tran

    i’ve noticed in a lot of your videos that you only use one strap to hold
    your surfboard down. it didn’t seem to be a problem until i saw this video
    and it looked like it wanted to go airborne!

  2. micoismyname

    Okay guys!

  3. nufoto

    Cool Thanks Kelia

  4. Astrid Lekanger

    thanks for the tip! 🙂

  5. Bernard Peterander

    one more tip: know how to fix a surfboard on top of a car!

  6. casianosd

    Such a cutie pie!!

  7. Eva S

    Great tips! You are my hero Keila!!! 🙂 Can`t wait for the next video!

  8. Nina Rossiter

    Cant wait to see more videos! 🙂 One fun question, where is a place that
    you have always wanted to go but haven’t yet? xx

  9. cristal l

    she’s so beautiful! 🙂

  10. Ajja Cameron

    Love you kelia!!! Your the best!!!

  11. Galaad López Delgado

    Keliaaaaaaa!! I really like you!! I’d like to meet you! I have to travel to

  12. SurfingwithBen

    Is this for the Ford Fiesta movement? ;P Your board almost flew off near

  13. Yazid Kelana

    Kelia, i wonder how you handle some of these american idiots questions.

  14. César Quintero

    Very cool and helpful tips. Cheers (: