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  1. Nhat Tran Reply

    i’ve noticed in a lot of your videos that you only use one strap to hold
    your surfboard down. it didn’t seem to be a problem until i saw this video
    and it looked like it wanted to go airborne!

  2. micoismyname Reply

    Okay guys!

  3. nufoto Reply

    Cool Thanks Kelia

  4. Astrid Lekanger Reply

    thanks for the tip! 🙂

  5. Bernard Peterander Reply

    one more tip: know how to fix a surfboard on top of a car!

  6. casianosd Reply

    Such a cutie pie!!

  7. Eva S Reply

    Great tips! You are my hero Keila!!! 🙂 Can`t wait for the next video!

  8. Nina Rossiter Reply

    Cant wait to see more videos! 🙂 One fun question, where is a place that
    you have always wanted to go but haven’t yet? xx

  9. cristal l Reply

    she’s so beautiful! 🙂

  10. Ajja Cameron Reply

    Love you kelia!!! Your the best!!!

  11. Galaad López Delgado Reply

    Keliaaaaaaa!! I really like you!! I’d like to meet you! I have to travel to

  12. SurfingwithBen Reply

    Is this for the Ford Fiesta movement? ;P Your board almost flew off near

  13. Yazid Kelana Reply

    Kelia, i wonder how you handle some of these american idiots questions.

  14. César Quintero Reply

    Very cool and helpful tips. Cheers (:

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