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  1. maria fernanda mds Reply

    Can You show us your makeup collection and you favorite perfumes? 

  2. las6560 Reply

    I use a tad of plastic wrap and put it under the lid of lotion,
    shampoo…..etc. Keeps those things from exploding all over your bag. 

  3. Natasha Ahmed Reply

    C-Courageous mom, woman, daughter and sister
    A- Athletic and admirable to so many of us
    R- Radiant beauty and kindess
    L-loveable which is why we watch u
    I- incomparable, there is no one like you
    E- Endless love for you Carlie Styles <3 x

  4. Jaime Ridge Reply

    I think your views are going down because of the quality of the videos and
    I think you need to invest time in learning how to edit – be more creative

  5. Summer L. Reply

    is she really going to miami with steve??

  6. Lauren G Reply

    Anyone else fed up with the bullshit iPhone vlogs? Come on Carlie. You can
    afford a vlogging camera!!

  7. Belinda Mackenzie Reply

    Hi Carlie, I cant guess where your going, but a good guess its somewhere
    warm like California. hehe. clothes are a big giveaway for that. 🙂

    Thankyou so much Carlie for your tips on packing. Im from Aus but will be
    going to California next year and I cant wait, nervous about planes, but
    excited to get there. Cali is very warm isn’t it? are jackets needed
    throughout day there?? Im unsure of how many layers are needed but Im
    guessing its shorts and tshirts through day and cover up at night. is this

  8. Kaylee Horan Reply

    Carlie don’t worry about what people say or think of you, your doing a
    great job of being a mother and daughter and sister. 

  9. Wells Reply

    What ever happened to the house her and steve bought… and what happened
    to them? Did she ever say? This is why I don’t watch her vid’s much… she
    hides things and doesn’t mention things as if it’s a secret… TELL US….
    if your going to open your life to the public, then don’t hide things…

  10. Hannah Dearie Reply

    Thank you Carlie!!!! My friend and I will be flying to the Bahamas to meet
    my aunt. We are flying alone and kinda stressing. This helped a lot!!!

  11. matsksm Reply

    Carlie you will never develop the thick skin you need to be a vlogger, you
    have been complaining and using as excuses the comments, fans, views, etc
    for years

  12. Julies This and That Reply

    much love and safe travels take care of you and coop and don”t worry about
    what people think.

  13. noahsark1962 Reply

    Do you still have Molly?

  14. Skip VU Reply

    Sorry I will never get tired of washing you but I have to go and

  15. Uhniece14 Reply

    I wish there was a way to prevent CHILDREN 16 and under from commenting on
    youtube. They have 0 maturity and are usually the ones spreading all the
    negativity and bullshit. No mature adult cares whether Carlie and Steve are
    back together or her supposed ‘lies’. Only hormone-fueled teenagers care
    about that shit. Stop looking into her personal life and just watch the
    damn video. Grow up.

  16. julia williams Reply

    I’m 21 years old and I have never been on an airplane!

  17. 1crazyfamily Reply

    Carly you know all the haters just want attention, you keep doing your
    thang girly my fam bam and I love your vlogs and the families vlogs. 

  18. joyjoyoo Reply

    instead of moaning and complaining, find ways to better yourself! maybe go
    back to school? you know youtube won’t be around. and you are nothing
    without shay’s help, be grateful!

  19. Lauren Reply

    Im leaving at 4am for my first flight without my parents. Good timing with
    the video 🙂 

  20. Becky Masterman Reply

    I was going through security at the airport on my way to our apartment in
    the French apls and I had my avalanche transceiver in my bag. They didn’t
    know what it was so I got stuck for a good 30minutes while they questioned
    me about this yellow box as they called it. Never making that mistake
    again, found it ironic that its made to save lives and they where
    questioning me as if I was going to take lives with it…

    Better to be safe the sorry though!

  21. benegirl Reply

    Did Carlie keep the house that her and Steve bought together?

  22. Evelyn Obertnaya Reply

    what happened to steve? 

  23. Monica L Reply

    I was thinking, why does it seem cool to buy clothes from target but not
    wal-mart? They are both the same, corporations providing affordable
    everyday essentials and then some. 

  24. tmmx11 Reply

    can you show us more of your makeup??

  25. Danielle Burns Reply

    Going to Spain again ☀️☀️☀️ 

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