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Travel Tips : Advice for Buying Luggage

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  1. joe merchant

    Many sites offer luggage bags but how to know which bag is perfect to carry
    your luggage. You should always check durability of bags before buying it.
    Go to myntra.com because this sites provide real bag with warranty. Buy
    bags at myntra.com is best for online shopping.

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  2. efaybee

    Pretty pointless video.

  3. Daniel

    I just bought the Victorinox Werks suitcase with a Tumi Messenger Bag with
    a built in suit bag and a separate pocket for my laptop.


    Just buy Hard plastic samsonite luggage, simply the best. And why it’s is.
    Mostly it will not break so easily when it’s in airport luggage sorting and
    it will protect your goods. and what comes to handles, just keep it simple
    and forget those telescopic ones, they brake very easily. Wheels are great
    but buy something that will not extend over 1.5″ from luggage,