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Travel Tips: Airplane Food

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  1. Jaime Burns Reply

    In New Zealand, we usually receive fruit salads, orange juice, water, and
    sandwiches. If it’s a night flight we don’t get anything except for fruit
    and muesli bars. Sad face.

  2. Julie C Reply

    airplane food always tastes terrible, especially when I am on a very very
    long flight and need to eat several meals. It tastes ok at the first time,
    then the next time, I can’t even swallow it.

  3. Paul Davis Reply

    Let’s face it, airplane food matters. Keep your stomach happy especially in
    long and grueling flights.

  4. frankie Reply

    I always pack my own food!!

  5. Secil Redheadd Reply

    Am I the only human being that enjoys airplane food?

  6. Jimelca0723 Suarez Reply

    I only like the drinks and some of the snacks like pretzels or nuts. I save
    what I bye at the airport, for the plain

  7. baja maja Reply

    I always fly with turkish airlines just because of the food that i can kill
    for and for the perfect service

  8. love charmz Reply

    I love to eat pasta with cheeeeeze and rosmary sauce and water

  9. Lily M Reply

    I wouldn’t bring nuts for a flight because of the prevalence of highly
    sensitive nut allergy sufferers (that sounds bad but you know what I mean).
    The air is recycled so much that it could set someone not he next flight’s
    allergy off (especially on budget airlines with very short turn-arounds)

  10. persnikity12345 Reply

    I’d advise not to pack nuts… you could kill a person with a nut allergy
    by accident :/

  11. Kristin Syvertsen Reply

    If you use nosespray on the plane bf you’ll eat, it won’t taste as
    cardboard. This is actually proven and tried a lot of times by

  12. Nhi Lâm Tuyết Reply

    Can we bring foods on the plane????? Becaz i will go to Japan

  13. horseygirl883 Reply

    I don’t know about you guys who are reading this, but I recently flew to LA
    on united, and I had a delicious burger and salad. Maybe it was cause I was
    in business class? Who knows. But I love airplane food, its a weird
    obsession lol 

  14. Rocky Jaswani Reply

    You are beautiful

  15. Kirt Murray Reply

    Thanks for the suggestion of bringing dried fruit. So far only good airline
    food I have ever had has been from AirFrance. I will look forward to your
    future travel tips.

  16. 25soccer18 Reply

    I thought you cant bring your own food past security? 

  17. Axyronas Liopetri Reply

    You are pretty!!

  18. kacunala Reply

    ANA has very good asian food, like udon and instant noodles ;D lol

  19. Domi Marschall Reply

    Dear Sonia, could you post a video of you packing for a journey? Not the
    theory but really just the way you do it for that particular journey =) And
    I would also love to see a video about what to do if you have to leave your
    home for a year, I might have to do that soon and it scares me to imagine
    all those things I have to pack. And the third idea – packing to live in a
    dorm room =) Thank you!

  20. Adsila swift Reply

    omg i love you ! you’re awesome i want to be sonia when i grow up 

  21. bokeflo Reply

    Bringing your own food on an airplane is a always great tip, even if you
    eat the airplane food you never know when you’ll get munchie.

  22. Ted Nghiem Reply

    Airplane food as a guilty pleasure? weird!

  23. fireandice027 Reply

    Sonia could you pleeeeaaaasssseeee do a video about efficiency at the
    airport? Like, how to hold your bags, where you put things for easy access,
    etc. I always look like a prize idiot trying to negotiate two wheeled
    suitcases (one checked, one carryon), and I’m a disaster at the security
    lines. Last time I went through Doha I made the mistake of bringing a
    wheeled carryon, and having to lug that thing up and down stairs and onto
    buses was a nightmare. It was so heavy the strap ended up breaking, so I
    had to cradle it like a baby the whole time. I envy fellow travellers who
    glide through effortlessly!

  24. persnikity12345 Reply

    Don’t pack nuts!! And if you do, make sure it’s in an energy bar or
    something where loose bits won’t fall off. The last thing you want is the
    person next to you having an allergic reaction.

  25. fireandice027 Reply

    Bringing your own food is nearly impossible if you’re in Australia,
    especially Western Australia! We have really strict border control

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