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Travel Tips And Answering all Of you guys Questions!

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Technician in electronic's full time Webmaster in spare time Trying to make a living :)
  1. Nicole Bazile

    Can you include the names and link of each tip that you mentioned in the
    description box in the order you showed them in this video please?

    Only asking cause it’s a long video and it would mean having to rewatch to
    catch all the verbal tips that were websites. Thank you.

  2. Keya Clayton

    Thanks for being so transparent and sharing your experiences. I’m looking
    for a change myself, not through traveling but I love the initiative you
    took in finding the best career for you after not being fully satisfied. 

  3. WithLoveMarci

    Thank you so much for this! Travel abroad has been a desire of mine for
    years but when i had the finances I never went because I had no one to
    travel with. Within the last year I’ve made up in my mind that solo travel
    is the way to go and what do ya know I find you on IG and now here! I just
    graduated so this year is the year, new career, new independence, and solo
    travel! I totally agree the stigma is real. After announcing my travel
    plans most people laughed it off but after extensive research and now
    inspiration from you, I’m too ready!

  4. Jasmine Clark

    Hey Angelica! I am so happy that I was able to connect with you informally
    through you Instagram page and now your YT channel. I have recently found a
    major interest and passion in traveling and it is my dream to do EXACTLY
    what you are doing. Everything that you said at the end about friends not
    wanting to travel which shouldn’t stop you is nothing but the truth. I have
    come to realize no matter what common interests my best friends and I have,
    family, etc. I have still have my own interests and I can’t be great
    waiting on them to experience what I want to experience. I haven’t built
    myself up yet to just SHUT UP & DO without friends, but that is my #1 goal
    in 2015 and beyond. Last thing, if you don’t mind, when you were a travel
    agent did you work solely for an agency or were you independent maybe? I
    was thinking of becoming a travel agent as well to jump start my career.

    Anyway, I think I am going to love you & everything about your channel!
    Continue to be great love and encourage us future travelers to JUST DO
    because we can!! 

  5. Miss Roxy

    Hey girl great video and tips!! Love the magnets in the beginning did you
    get them in each country or bought them online? I love to travel myself I’m
    not into blogging but you’ve inspired me to work on something I’ve always
    been meaning to…scrapbooking my adventures! I keep everything, ticket
    stubs, bank notes, etc but have everything thrown in a box collecting dust.
    As well as finding a means to share my tips with others as well. Glad I
    found you on IG and now here…you’re awesome! #blackgirlstraveltoo✌

  6. Habiba Inuwa

    Thanks! Fantastic advice.. I’m currently studying in Dubai (in my final
    year). I’m planning on doing a world trip after graduation. I’ve never
    thought of hostels.. seeing as there aren’t really famous here. Your tips
    have really helped me start my plan :)

  7. Lechelle Breeden

    You’re awesome! Thanks for the tips. I’ve traveled all over China and I’ve
    been to Mexico but I’ve been held back because I am in college but I’m
    graduating in May! Ayyy! Lol but I’m just curious as to how you handle the
    language barriers. I would love to hear you discuss them. Again, thanks for
    inspiration and motivation, I’m excited to really go after my passion.

  8. chanilovebreezy25

    Oh wow! You opened my eyes to something I may be interested in! I love arts
    & to travel so this is something I will def be looking into! And I too have
    stayed in a Hostel before while studying abroad in Spain some arent even as
    bad as people make them out to be lol but I did know everyone in mines
    before hand but like you said you do meet many people there! Wow this is
    really cool Id never even thought of this! Thanks☺️

  9. ~~My NaTuRal HaIR JoURnEy~~

    Yes! I want to skydive in Dubai!! I was afraid of hostels, gonna give it a

  10. Alexis Bragg

    I absolutely adore you! I’ve been wanting to travel for a.few years now and
    this video sealed the deal for me. It’s funny how you find things when
    you’re on a certain path. I actually have a sign taped up on my door saying
    “Travel, Make plans.” Thank you so much for the tips and awesome websites.
    As a fellow African-American woman I couldn’t agree more with what you
    said. Now time to get a passport! Lol. 

  11. Netta boo

    When you’re staying in hostels, do you worry about someone stealing your

  12. Desiree Browden

    Woukd you suggest staying at a hostel in NYC?

  13. Kamesha Mcneil

    okay where are you going next .. I’m coming

  14. blaquebuttafly43

    Yes this was the perfect video to watch!! Thank you!!!

  15. janee Francis

    I was told that Amsterdam is the place that i would love to go so im
    setting my sites on it!!!

  16. janee Francis

    I was told that Amsterdam is the place tgat i would love to go so im
    setting my sites on it!!!

  17. Rose P

    Aww congrats Smiley !